Crown Regency Cebu Skywalk Experience and Rates

It did not sink fully with me until a few days ago that majority of tourists in Cebu especially those coming from Manila and other provinces count the different Sky Adventures offered by Crown Regency Cebu Fuente as must do activities while vacationing here.

 I’ve also read from many itineraries that some tourists plan to try the Skywalk Adventure or the Edge Coaster or a sample of the Extreme Adventure like zipline. Those who are not traveling on a tight budget and have the required courage, plan to try them all.

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Yep indeed, the Sky Adventures activities have become very popular among Cebu bound tourists. We were there at almost 10 pm on a Monday night and there was still a long queue of eager tourists like us who were looking for fun and thrills in the city.

I’m thinking now, is it right to brand it as one of Cebu’s Top Tourist Spots or tourist drawer? Regardless of the actual statistics or tourists pulse, Crown Regency Cebu management must be most pleased that business is so robust. I would if I own the hotel and facilities hehe =)

How to go to Crown Regency Cebu Fuente 

It’s easy to go to Crown Regency in Fuente wherever you maybe in Cebu City. There are jeepney routes that pass by Jones Avenue, otherwise known as Osmena Boulevard, where this hotel is located. You can check out other Penfires post that talks about commuting directions if you are interested to know how to get to Crown Regency or Fuente. Taxis are everywhere too. 

Crown Regency from the Fuente Circle during Full Moon


Different adventure rides and extreme activities at Crown Regency

The following are the currently available Sky Adventure rides and extreme sports activities offered by Crown Regency Towers in Fuente Osmena:

  1. Sky Walk  Extreme
  2. Edge Coaster
  3. Zip Line
  4. Sky Lift
  5. Cliff Hanger
  6. Vertex
  7. 4D Theatre Show


Schedule: Opening and Closing time at Crown Regency Sky Adventure Rides

Everyday  Sky Adventure rides is open:

MONDAY TO FRIDAY – 2 pm to 12 am

SATURDAY – 10 am to 2 am

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SUNDAY – 10 am to 12 am

*Watch out for long queues during weekends and holidays.


Sky Adventure 2012 Rates

The hotel’s Sky Adventure rides are not friendly on the pocket. Nope, they are not. But many of those who made the trip here, paid for the airfare and their Cebu hotel or pension house accommodation have already plan for this expense. Lubos lubusin na ika nga.

If you haven’t and looking for info, rate details are below.

Crown Regency Cebu Sky Adventures Rates 2012 

If you just want to see the skyline of Cebu with no intention to ride, you can just avail of the Access Pass to get to the top floor. You can see the city at your feet behind glass walls. Access Pass cost P250 per head. Student rates are discounted at P200 per head.

Crown Regency offers different combo with corresponding fees. They also have special promo that comes with rides and a lunch or dinner buffet and yep, discounts for group tours.

Access Pass + 1 ride – P550

Access Pass + 2 rides – P750

Access Pass + 2 rides + 1 extreme – P1000

Some details about this urban jungle adventures that you may want to know:

  • If you avail of only Access Pass, it can be disappointing since you will be viewing the city behind glass panes and you can’t feel the wind nor hear the sound from below. And the viewing area is just a few meters.
  • You can only try out the rides if you are wearing rubber shoes. If you’re not wearing one, they have rubber shoes that you can use for free provided of course that you have a sock. If you don’t have sock, they have these for sale at P20.
  • Locker comes free, I thought they’d charge for this too haha. The locker is needed for your things as you can’t bring cellphones, cameras or even wear jewelries. It’s not allowed on the adventure platforms.
  • You’ll come home with a cool looking certificate which you can show to your family and friends as evidence that you were brave and you have conquered the rides.


Certificate of Courage – Conquer your fear of heights hehehe 


Greatest Shocker: 

Okay might be more our fault since we did not research prior to going there but arghhhh you have to pay P230 per picture taken during the ride. P230 on top of the already expensive sky rides rate!!! For a photo freak like me it was such a pain not to get all the pics from our Skywalk adventure huhuhu.

We really thought that the rate comes with at least one free picture. I mean the very reason why you try out the rides or the extreme activities is for the experience and yes the pictures too. Tourists!! Hello?!!!

or is it just my opinion? Hahahha

Crown Regency also have designated photographer that encourages you to pose and pose. Good thing most of my pictures there are very unflattering hahahha. Can’t blame me, it was scary hahaha

ano to sourgraping? Lol

Anyhow, anyway, if you plan to get as much pictures on the walk or on the edge coaster, please prepare budget for this.

Sky walk Experience and Feedback 

By the glass floor, outer rim of the 37th floor,  Crown Regency building



After a hearty dinner at Larsian, Julie of theBananniery, Titus of Field Trip Boy and me walked back to Crown Regency. We arrived at the front Tower and we were directed to enter the other tower, get inside their convenience store and from there ride the elevator to the 19th floor. Sa elevator rides pa lang malulula ka na hehehe

At the 19th floor you’ll be paying for your rides, once you secure your Sky Adventure rubber wristband like the one on Julie’s arm, you can now ride another elevator to the 38th floor. Since we were there for skywalk we have to take the stairs to get one floor down. Sky Walk is at 37th floor, Edge Coaster is at the 38th floor.


Proudly wearing the Sky Adventure Band 


At the 37th floor, there’s a registration area where you will sign a waiver and claim your locker.

At this point you will have left your camera (ouch) in your locker and proceed to the suit-up area. You’ll be wearing brightly colored (orange) jumpsuits. And then someone will secure the harnesses cable safety straps thing.

I’m never been a fan of constricted clothing so the full Skywalk get-up felt like choking me, it took time to get used to.

Anyhow, as you wait your turn you will see the other guests who are already exploring the sky walk platform outside and feel either braver or less brave hahaha.

I felt less brave hahahaha

Then our turn came.

It’s was so windy outside, and the sounds from below are a bit muted as it was late evening. Cebu lies below me. I gaze at the flickering lights on the sky and the man-made lights that define Metro Cebu. I can figure out the beginnings and ends of the Cebu SRP, the two bridges that connects mainland Cebu to Mactan Island, the crisscrossing major thoroughfares, the illuminated Cebu Capitol building. My eyes were feasting on the sites.

Until our guide mentioned we sit by the edge of the rim hahahaha


Sky Experience Adventure in the Urban Jungle of Cebu 

Comparing night and day trip, I think night is less scary than going for these adventures in broad daylight. I can’t be sure since it was our first time to try out Skywalk. The good thing if you go at night is the lights lend more drama to the landscape. But you won’t be able to see Bohol Island which our guide claims is visible during the day. The choice is up to you really.

The guides also try to be funny and engaging with their trivia. Our guide was asked by one of our co-skywalkers about Cebu Tops and the Cebu northern islands and the guide replied with wrong info. I wanted so much to butt-in but I held my tongue as I understand that the guides can’t be blamed since their main purpose in being there is to keep guests from getting into any accidents. They are safety personnel more than anything else.

It was fun at the top, walking at the 37th floor, sitting down at the glass floor and trying to get as near to the edge as possible.

Too bad you can’t really explore as you and the rest of your groups are lined-in with a safety cable. The walk around the rim of the building was closed to 15 minutes I think.

I wish I can stay to just gaze at the view for a bit more, me alone at the top but wishes doesn’t always come true 🙁

At the end of the walk, we were ushered in back to the building, dress out of our jumpsuits and took out the safety straps and went back to the lobby. Took more souvenir pictures, too bad we are not on our Skywalk get-up, I would have love that tremendously.

We survive Crown Regency Cebu’s Skywalk!

Then claimed our certificates and paid for pictures on the walk. Again, it’s P230 each pic and bawal picturan ang computer screen that shows your pics. Hehehe

There is this souvenir or token machine wheel, only need 3 P5 coins. We can’t resist it at least this one is cheap hehehe

More souvenirs for your Skywalk adventure


Julie showing off her Sky walk souvenir token


Crown Regency Souvenir token  

Yey! Happy with our Skywalk Experience! Hehehe 

Planning to come here in Cebu? Search and find discounted room rates in Cebu City.


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  1. haay. they never changed a bit with their outrageous prices! if you brought a photographer with you, you can actually save on those photo rates for the skywalk cille but naay glass window as a barrier. but for the edge coaster, you can take turns with the photo ops. hehe

  2. Cille Anne says:

    saw some guests doing that doy, and took pics behind the glass wall, kainggit hehehe.

    if you have someone with you na afraid to try out the skywalk extreme yet wants to go up to the lounge area best idea to make him/her your photographer hehehe

    And yep, skywalk extreme and other adventure rides is expensive – target ng crown regency cebu is most likely tourist both local and foreign dyud.

  3. You guys are much braver than I. I’d go to the top floor, thats it haha

    They have an edge walk on the CN tower in Toronto, I went there last year. The Crown is excellent value compared to that.

    Just to go up the tower is P1000, for a package similar to combo 3 is P2600, not including the Edgewalk. If you wanto to do the Edgewalk, its another P7200 (ouuuch.) And yes, they charge for photos, if I remember correctly they were $14 so almost P600. Don’t get me started on the parking in Toronto, you may end up paying P1000 just to park if you drive there.

    • Cille Anne says:

      hi vince! =) it was scary at the top lol but fun! hehehe

      about the rate it’s real expensive if you view it in light of Philippine setting wherein the minimum daily wage for non-agriculture related job is about P400. So the combo activities would already cost an average Filipino earner more than a daily wage rate. The good thing about this is that foreigners and Pinoy balikbayans and OFWs still find these cheap and so comes here to splurge their money, boosting the economy yey! hehe =)

  4. I think that may have came off the wrong way. I didn’t mean to imply that it wasn’t expensive for people there. It just reminded me of Toronto and sent me on a rant about the borderline extortionate prices there. If I had not been there with my father and him paying for everything I would have been broke withing two days lol.

    My point is.. Don’t go to stupid Toronto, keep your money in the Philippines. haha

  5. Banannie says:

    i look a bit chinese in the photos! haha!

    Cille, I don’t think i have thanked you enough, but I really had soooo much fun in Cebu because of you! Thank you for the experience! (..lalo na sa pagdamay sakin sa Skywalk!) haha!

    Sa uulitin? :p

  6. Cille Anne says:

    @Vince, haha that’s a wise advise or go to Toronto, take all their money and bring it back to the Phil lol =)

    @Jules, yah hehehhe you looked chinese-korean nga hehehe thanks too! it was great experiencing Skyride for the first time with someone na takot din hahaha. see you on the road again! =)

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