Conquering Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave


After a mesmerizing morning at Kiltepan’s peak followed by a hearty meal at Rock-Inn Cafe & Farm and some orange picking, off we went to our Sagada spelunking adventure in Sumaguing Cave, one of the best Philippines Tourists Attractions in Luzon.

For the more adventurous you can take the Lumiang-Sumaguing Cave Connection, warning thou it takes about 3 to 4 hours with more twist, turn and climbing (it’s not for the faint of heart!).

Entrace to Sumaguing Cave, Sagada Highlands

Sagada Tour - Sumaguing Cave Entrance

Our SAGGAS guide took with him one lampara (gas lamp), he said that on the average the lampara will last for 12 hours so we were assured that no blackouts will happen while inside the cave. As we climbed down we have to be really careful because some of the steps are slippery (some have bat dungs or guano thats why other tourist opted to use a handglove). Listen and follow your guide’s instructions because they know the best location where you need to plant your feet or how you will position your arm. trust me it pays, i did not heed once and well, i slipped heheh and it was captured on cam and no i wont be posting the pic heheh

Be prepared to get wet while you explore Sumaguing, you can swim in the cave’s water but its really, really cold. really cold.

One of the many natural pools inside sumaguing cave

Sagada Spelunking - Sumaguing Cave

This is the most (in)famous rock formation that your guide will definitely point out to you :)

the queen of the cave ^_^

(somehow photobucket refuses to show this picture so i have to really insert this one directly,

guys @ photobucket this is just a rock!!! i’m just good with the camera angles lol  :mrgreen:

Queen of the Cave, Rock Formation in Sagada

Sagada Tour -  Queen of the Cave in Sumaguing

but this is my favorite sumaguing rock formation, King’s Curtain!

Sagada Tour - King's Curtain Sumaguing

Here are the other noteworthy Rock Formations in sumaguing cave:

Turtle, Rice Terraces and Mocha Cake


We conquered Sumaguing Cave in an hour! Jake our tour guide remarked that our spelunking skills were average, yey!



If it’s your first time in Sagada, do visit this cave. Your spelunking experience will be awesome I bet you and not scary at all!  The formations looks slippery but they are actually very rough, non-slip on footwear is not necessary. As you can see we were barefooted as we explored the inner caverns and check out the famous formations of this cave. It was really fun!

Have adventure and fun in Sumaguing Cave!


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  1. says

    The queen of the cave was a surprise (and naughty hehe). There are a lof of rock formations there, my favorite are the rice terraces. I miss the cool waters of the cave. Would love to come back there.

    • penfires says

      @Mj Ces – agree on the pic of sumaguing’s queen, lol =)

      I want to come back to Sagada too especially at this very minute when the summer’s heat is so unforgiving!

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