Cebu Restaurant Review: Big Flat Bread Pizza and Pasta

New restaurants are sprouting in Metro Cebu that it’s challenging to maintain a list of new dining establishments and their specialties. I tried to keep such a list before for you never know when a craving hits you and a list would have come in handy. But trying all new restaurants would seriously wreak havoc to your finances so am glad then that there are group buying sites like Groupon Philippines with deal offers for restaurants I haven’t yet tried. It allows me to try out new restaurants at a discount just like in the case of Big Flat Bread located in the complex called Ridges in Mabolo, Cebu City.


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BIG FLAT BREAD in Ridges complex

Big Flat Bread Ridges Mabolo Cebu City


It didn’t take long for me to decide to get a “P250 for P500” voucher after a short online look-up on the restaurant. After paying for the voucher using my Paypal account, I message my good friend, Free Diver Doi of BluePlunge and told her about the food voucher I’ve recently availed from this popular group buying site in the Philippines.

My convincing power must have been awesome that she ended up signing for Groupon. 30 minutes after she was a proud voucher holder of 3 different deals hahaha. She sounded happy while chiding me “if ma-ungo ko aning Groupon sa dyud ni nimo” hehehe

(If I get hooked on Groupon, this will all be your fault.)  :mrgreen:


 Note: I usually only avail of food vouchers on group buying sites not so much on “shopping” or “travel” deals.

Buying Tip: Before you buy a voucher, do research and read food reviews and blogs about the restaurant so you have an idea of what to expect. Don’t forget to read the fine prints.


Last Friday we – me, Doi and Titus – dined at Big Flat Bread, a restaurant with roots from Cagayan de Oro City. They opened early 2013 and it’s only because of Groupon that I came to know of their existence. I sometimes live in the bat cave lol.

BNB is one of the dining establishments you can find in Ridges complex. The place is a bit small but comfy, it’s best for family and barkada get togethers. If you are looking for an intimate setting for you and your date, this restaurant does not fit the bill.

I have other recommendations for “dates” kind of dining.   :mrgreen:


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Big Flat Bread DIning Experience

Looking at the Big Flat Bread menu, you’ll right away notice that their specialties are pizza and pasta. Aside from these bestsellers, they also have chicken, sizzlers, rice meals.

We ordered The Godfather’s Pizza (P328), Spudster (P88), Hot Fried Chicken Solo (3 pieces at P188), Spaghetti Bolognese Platter (P258) and 1.5 Liters Coca Cola (P78). Service charge of 5% which amounts to P47. Total bill was P987.

Less our P500 voucher, we paid cash P487. Basically we only saved P250. But still it’s savings. \o/


The Counter at BFB Cebu

Big Flat Bread Cebu Restaurant

Big Flat Bread Food Review

The chicken taste ordinary, nothing special. I had a drumstick which is supposed to be one of the juiciest parts of the chicken; unfortunately it was on bordering on dry. But I love the coleslaw that goes with it, thumbs-up on the coleslaw!

Hot Fried Chicken Solo with potato slices and coleslaw

Chicken from Big Flat Bread

Their Spaghetti Bolognese which is a red-sauce pasta is one of those “acquired taste” dishes that is best to avoid if you do not like to experiment with your food or if you are dining out with your kids. Reason is that the taste of herbs and red wine is really distinctive in the sauce and it’s nothing like the usual sweet / spicy Filipino style spaghetti we grew up with. But if you like to tease your taste bud with new flavors, I suggest you try out this pasta from Big Flat Bread or the Pesto one, which was our original choice but was not available when we dined.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Big Flat Bread Spaghetti Bolognese

If you are ordering pasta whether it’s BFB’s Spaghetti Carbonara, Penne Arrabbiata, Spaghetti Bolognese, Pesto Pasta etc, I suggest you get a platter its good value for the price especially the platter serving is big. But if you dine solo, it would be too much, please be kind to yourself hehe.  😀

The “Spudster” or potato slices is a curious one for on the big menu board mounted on the restaurant’s wall, they claimed the Spudster to be “thinly sliced potatoes deep fried to golden perfection” so I was expecting it to be thin and somewhat crispy ala the  mojos from a popular pizza chain but what arrived on our table can best be described as “thickly sliced” as seen on the picture below.

Spudster Potato Slices

Big Flat Bread Spudster

It’s so thick that eating a few slices will fill you up immediately; for me it’s not a good choice as far as appetizers are concern especially if you plan to load up on the pizza or the main course. But taste wise it’s good especially with the gravy.


Big Flat Bread Pizza Definitely Recommended!

The highlight of our Big Flat Bread dining experience I have to say is The Godfather Pizza. It’s a myriad of different meats and pizza favorite toppings like pepperoni, ham, meatballs, and bacon on a very thin crust. The crust which is one of the thinnest I’ve ever tried allows you to savor fully the medley of melted cheese, sauce coating and the toppings, it’s also not oily which is an important factor for me to enjoy a good pizza.

If I have to give it a food rating, it’s definitely an A+! A delight to eat!

 The Godfather Pizza YUM!!!

Big Flat Bread Godfather Pizza


Service Feedback

We did not wait long for our orders to arrive in our table which is a good thing.  But there was a mark delay between asking for our bill and them giving us it. Made me wonder if they intend to give out the food for free haha.  :mrgreen:

Another thing to note, the place is  small that is easily gets filled-up. You may need to wait a bit during peak hours.

Also, I was a bit disappointed that the Pesto Pasta was not available, I was looking forward to trying out Big Flat Bread’s version.



Will I be back? Yep. In fact I’ve already recommended their pizza to friends and family and yes to you too. =)

If you are going to try out Big Flat Bread after reading this post, hope you’ll visit back here to post your feedback or experience after dining in. Thanks!

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  1. i found their pizza salty though. but i still liked it anyway. hehe. i just hope they tone down the saltiness of the toppings on their big flat bread.

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