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Cebu Pasalubong Recommendations For You

Lechon, chorizo, utap, dried mango, danggit, pusit in your baggage – we definitely know where you’ve been! Gikan ka sa Cebu and these items are your pasalubong from the Queen City of the South. =)

In the Philippines vacations are synonymous to pasalubong. It’s almost unthinkable to go home after an out of town trip and not to be bringing anything special from the place you’ve just visited. There are different pasalubong choices when you are in Baguio and other Philippine provinces. If you need ideas to fill your Cebu pasalubong shopping bag, here is a useful list for you.

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Hodgepodge of  Pasalubong from Cebu

Cebu Pasalubong Center

Cebu Dried Mangoes

Chewy, sweet, a hint of sour characterize the famous dried mango from Cebu. Grocery pasalubong aisles are filled with different brands but my favorites are the packs manufactured by “7D” and “Philippine Brands”, they are also what Penfires recommend. You can never go wrong with them as your bring home treats from the province.

These dried mangoes are made from real mangoes and conveniently packed in different sizes; they are as handy as they come. Plus they are affordable too which definitely brings a smile to tourists and visitors and yes even locals like me who wanders by the pasalubong aisle from time to time for my dose of dried mango slices.

Advisory: You can buy big packs for close friends and smaller packs for acquaintances who will also ask you for pasalubong hehe.

Dried Mango Slices cebu

By the way there are two kinds of dried mango, the slices and the chips / shredded ones. The slices are price higher compared to the mango chips because the slices are the “best portion” while the shredded are usually what’s left of the mango after the premium slices are scoop out of the  fruit.

Price of 250 grams: to be updated.

Pag  in a hurry, eto recommended ko na combination=)


Cebu Chorizo

Another famous pasalubong from the province is the cebu chorizo. You can buy them from the public market as well as pasalubong centers all over the metro.  Our version of sausage is sweet with a little bit of spices. It’s colored pale red when uncooked; and caramelized to brownish and reddish hue when they are cook.

Unlike most sausages which are cylindrical in shape, cebu chorizo are circular and comes in big and small sizes link together on a string. Usually one string has 12 balls of these yummy chorizos, selling is usually by the dozen too. If you want to know how it taste before committing to buying usa ka dosena or more, I recommend you dine at a local grilling or sugbahan places like Larsian, Neo Neo or AA BBQ and order just one serving of cebu chorizo.

Regular or Spicy Cebu Chorizo

Cebu Chorizo

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Some don’t like chorizo de cebu but as for me, I love it. Chorizo and steaming hot rice and dip them on soy sauce with freshly pressed siling labuyo. Lami dyud! Payter!  :mrgreen:

If you are wondering where to buy Cebu chorizo in Manila, I’ve seen them in the Hypermarket of SM MOA at the native delicacy section. Other SM Malls might have them too.

Utap or Otap Baked Treats

Utap or otap’s home is in Cebu where it was first baked. It is a flaky pastry of oval shape, the top of which is sprinkled with a little sugar. The famous brand is by Shamrock, this is also what Penfires recommends when it comes to this snack treat.

In the airport, you can usually see boxes of otaps in the baggage carousel as well as dala-dala ng mga turistas. For us who can’t afford boxes, we buy the small packs when we go home to the province. =)

Cebu otap pasaubong

Cebu Lechon

Cebu is maybe the only place in the Philippines where you can find lots of lechon houses and where you will actually consider a lechon meal cheap. Yep, I speak the truth. A ¼ kilo of lechon cebu can be shared by two and is cheaper compared to having two orders of the famous Jollibee’s one piece chicken meal.

Made from native pigs raised organically and cook with lots of spices, Lechon Cebu is famous all over the Philippines and yes the world too after Anthony Bourdain declares that the lechon he tasted (the precursor of Zubuchon) is ‘the best pig ever’.

Characterize by thin crispy skins and delicious tender meat, ahh who can’t love our lechon?

cebu lechon in box

The best part is some lechon restos specialize in serving visitors and tourists like CNT, Ayer’s and Zubuchon. You can have your lechon pasalubong in neat boxes; you can even choose frozen lechon by the kilo!

Hurray!  :mrgreen:

If you are interested to learn more about the different lechons, please use the search box on the right and input your preferred brand. I’ve written lots of blog posts about lechon.  :mrgreen:

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I hope you click on LIKE if natakam ka sa Cebu Pasalubong choices!  🙂

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  1. And most important, don’t leave your pasalubong at your hotel. Not that I would know anything about that….

  2. Cebu takes pride for having one of the country’s tastiest lechon. I’ve tried it already and its the best lechon I’ve ever tried.

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