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Happy Times Caleruega Sky Ranch Tagaytay Family Outing

Caleruega Nasugbo

Where to bring your visitors on a day trip that is near Manila or Laguna? My easy answer would be Tagaytay – this highland place has much to offer on top of its cool climate and tourist magnet Taal Volcano.

When my aunties and cousins visited us last December, one of their request was to go to Tagaytay. I was their vacation planner, so I made sure to wove this place onto their itinerary. Since we were based in Liliw, taking public transport or commuting to Tagaytay from our home is a challenge. It required multiple change of vehicles – jeeps, tricycle, jeeps, jeeps, etc – something that is not so good news health-wise for majority of my charges (i.e. may aunties). They can brave the long journey if they had to, but they didn’t have to.

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Tagaytay Day Trip Guide: Places, Food and Sidetrips Tips

Your guide to a Day Trip in Tagaytay. Get tips on foods, places, things and side trips that'll fit your itinerary. Take to the road on and have a vacation near Manila!

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