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Weekend Getaway at Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park

Tejero Highlands Pool

Countless summers and trips from Cebu to Dumaguete to Valencia always have a ‘getaway to Tejero’ in the itinerary; it’s one of the non-negotiable aspects when our side of the clan visits our Lola’s birthplace. The other non-negos are buying torta and pure tablea sa tiangge. =)

In early 2000s and up to a few years back, the place looks very basic with its river-fed pool and a few tables here and there for day use. Pool maintenance was sporadic but understandable as the water flows constantly from the river diverted into the pool and goes out, back again to the river path. We don’t even call the place a resort then, to our young minds it was just ‘Tejero Pool’ – a fun place where we can laugh and play, an amazing place that holds special memories of our summer escapades.

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Visit CHADA VALENCIA in Negros Oriental

Valencia Plaza Negros Oriental

There is a small town in Negros Oriental often overlooked by tourists who arrives in the port or airport of Dumaguete.  I can’t blame these visitors as the capital city easily captures travelers and reel them in with its gentle, subtle charm. Going somewhere outside of the city may not be ideal too especially for those who are on short stay like 3D/2N trips. But if you are vacationing for a longer time period, please, I am urging you, go and check out the town of Valencia. It may be the one place that will stand-out for you on your Negros Oriental vacation.

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Dumaguete’s Favorite Yummy Pasalubong – Silvanas!

This is an entry for the Philippines in Pictures series – specifically the best local Pasalubong items!

If you happen to visit Dumaguete City, don’t miss out on this Silvanas from the Sans Rival store. It literally melts on your mouth, the creaminess heavenly!

And it’s very affordable at P105 per box. Don’t go home without this one, trust, trust me on this. As in.


Thumbs – up on this creamy goodness! Sans Rival's Silvanas

 Sans Rival is located nearby Silliman University, just ask any local if you can’t locate

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Travel to Apo Island, Negros Oriental: Snorkel and Diving Paradise

Pagong, turtle, pawikan

My Lola Mancia hails from Valencia, Negros Oriental and my Lolo Yul used to boast of going to Valencia to visit my Lola by riding his bike. Yep all those 150 plus kilometers were often conquered by bike pedals. Anyhow I have so much to share about Valencia, Dumaguete and other places in Negros that I don’t know where to start until well I saw the underwater pictures taken in Apo Island.

Many trusted diving websites list Apo Island as among the top best diving sites in the Philippines. And Apo Island rightly deserves the accolade because the underwater world in Apo Island, Negros Oriental will simply take your breath away.

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Travel to Dumaguete City and Apo Island in Negros Oriental

 This post is a supplement to my blog post about the snorkel paradise that is Apo Island. I’ve decided to keep this post separate to keep my original post lean.

How to go to Dumaguete, Negros Oriental?

If you are coming from Manila, you can fly via Cebu Pacific directly to Dumaguete City.

If you are from Cebu, you can also fly to Dumaguete, trip will just take 30 minutes on the air. 

Alternative Option No 1 for those coming from Cebu is to take a 4 hours fast ferry ride to Dumaguete via Oceanjet. But take note that the route will be Cebu – Tagbilaran – Dumaguete and vice versa. I guess fast craft like Supercat which used to serve the direct route of Cebu to Dumaguete have discontinued their service because of fewer passenger. (This is just my personal assumption lol)

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