Lumban Barong Tagalog for Made to Order and Ready to Wear!!!

macalagay embroidery lumban

Special occasions and events usually require guests to don on formal garb. For the lady you can go really traditional and have a baro’t saya Filipiniana gown, while for the men barong tagalog is the top choice. The upcoming President Aquino’s SONA on Monday would be the prime occasion to watch a parade of elaborate […]

St John The Baptist Church – Beautiful Old Church of Liliw in Laguna

Liliw Church Laguna

One of the hallmarks of the 300 plus years of Spanish colonization of the Philippines is the introduction of the Roman Catholic religion and one of its most lasting physical evidences are the century old churches, basilicas and religious centers that lay scattered across the islands. These wonderful structures and architectures are amazing to behold […]

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery – National Historical Landmark

nagcarlan underground picture

Beads of perspiration were trickling down my forehead; my shirt was also getting damp. We have just walked all the way from Nagcarlan’s  St Bartholomew Parish, passed by Presidencia, the town’s municipal hall and now faced the commanding facade of this town’s most famous national historical landmark, the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. It’s not my first […]

Lumban Laguna Embroidery: Barong Tagalog, Terno, Wedding Gowns and More

Handpainted fabrics and beadwork Lumban Laguna

Laguna is close to my heart for I call it home for almost half a decade. I remember almost every other Wednesday I take to the road and drive through the outskirt towns, what we also call “Upper Laguna”. Lagi kong binabaybay yun all the way from Calamba – Los Banos – Calauan – Victoria […]

Paete Laguna for Your Christmas Shopping, Decors and Gifts

Flying Santa Claus

Today is what 32 days before Christmas? Hapit na dyud ang Pasko! Are you excited? I know I am hehe  What I’ll miss though for this Christmas is not being able to visit big bazaars in Manila like Noel Bazaar and World Christmas Bazaar. I don’t buy much but I like bazaar window shopping and […]