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Paskong Pinoy sa Liliw – Ready na pang-aguinaldo sa mga bata :D

Paskong Pinoy Tradition Namamasko

“One, two, three, sixteen, twenty one! 21 groupings of 10 pcs coins each, that should be enough, right?

“Baby maniwala ka kukulangin yan sa daming batang mamamasko after magsimba.”

Christmas 2015. This is my first time to spend Christmas day in Liliw, and I am so looking forward to the hordes of kids who will come knocking on the doors, shouting, exclaiming ‘mamamasko po!’.

Years ago, my then boyfriend Titus (the hubby now) regaled me with stories of kids that will descend on the town of Liliw on Christmas Day. He told me to prepare coins for the kids Aguinaldo or gift – 1 pesos, 5 pesos, 10 pesos, so I did.

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Dalitiwan Resort in Majayjay – Cold Spring and River

Dalitiwan Resort Swimming Pool

Is it oppressively hot and humid where you are at? Like you’ve just step off the shower yet beads of perspiration makes a neat trail on your brows and back? Now, imagine you are slowly submerging your body in freaking cold spring water that goosebumps appears in your arms.  And when you look around you, you see mountain walls with its big trees and lush greens. You close your eyes, letting time, worries and the scorching summer heat melt away…

Wouldn’t you like that? 😀

I know I would hehe.

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Nagcarlan Bunga Falls and A San Miguel Beer Commercial

Bunga Falls Nagcarlan

Did that get your attention?  When Titus and I were discussing places to explore in Laguna, Nagcarlan’s Bunga Falls was among the destinations on the table. What sway the vote in favour of this “twin falls” in Nagcarlan? The San Miguel Beer Commercial in the 1990s.

“Baby yung falls na yun pinakita sa San Miguel Commercial”

“Talaga?! Hanapin natin sa Youtube!”

Lol. I was excited because heyyy this falls was on a product commercial! It is nearby our place in Liliw. Plus the time was ripe to go on the road and have another adventure.

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Christmas Décor Shopping in Paete: Santa Overload!

Paete Christmas decors 2014

Ber months shopping in Paete is fun and worthwhile, first because you can buy more affordable Christmas decors compared to those for sale in the malls, second the distance between you and the local craftsman is shorten, you can even go to the makers themselves and buy direct from them, supporting them, supporting their family in a more direct way. Third, there are items that you can’t find in the mall. Fourth, you can haggle for discounts especially if you are buying in bulk.

Straight from the factory ~ Paete handicraft cottage industry

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Laguna Food Trip: Joel’s Town in San Pablo City

Liemposilog chopseuy Joels Town

What foodie place you shouldn’t miss when in San Pablo? I got to say its Joel’s Town restaurant.

Ang lagi kong binalik-balikan sa kanila is their Liemposilog with chopsuey. It’s a hole-in-wall type of establishment, not a posh place, it’s more like a big size carenderia. It does not have fancy decors, no aircon but they definitely deliver on what counts most – delightful food offerings. Think Pinoy food favorites like pancit, sisig, lumpia, liempo, silog meals, they have it and it won’t cost you arm and leg to order a serving or two. =)

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