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New Bicol Destinations: Tikling Island, Subic Beach and Juag Fish Sanctuary

Tikling Island Subic Beach

Words below are penned by my good friend Archie Sigue who took his family with him for a roadtrip to  Bicol.  This young dad knows that there is no better time to introduce loved ones to the joys of traveling, no better way to nourish love of country than let the kids discover for themselves just how beautiful the Philippine really is at an early age.

Share in their discoveries as they explore these new tourism hot spots  in Bicol that is sure to become popular in months and years to come. Adding Tikling Island, Subic Beach and Juag Fish Sanctuary to my bucket list ora mismo. You should too! ^_^

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Go to Caramoan Islands: Location of CBS Survivor Philippines


Finally, the much awaited CBS Survivor Philippines have officially started, this is the 25th season of Survivor. Location shoot is in the beautiful islands of Caramoan in the Bicol Region of the Philippines.

Survivor is back to its three tribes set-up and tribe names for this season are  Matsing, Tangdang and Kalabaw. These are Filipino words for “monkey”, “rooster” and “carabao” or “water buffalo”. 15 American castaways will battle it out to capture the crown and be declared the ultimate sole survivor and win the million dollar prize of this television series. Who will win? Watch Survivor Philippines! 

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Philippine Postcard Gone Wrong by Sterling Greetings

I was with Field Trip Boy on a lazy Sunday afternoon checking out the latest postcards of the Philippines Top Tourist Spots, Presidents, Heroes, White Sand Beaches and other Historical Sites when this postcard caught my attention. There is something wrong with it, can you guess? Did you catch the mistake? Even school children can detect the wrong info on this postcard that shows one of the very famous Philippine landmarks and tourist attractions. I am wondering how did this escape the attention of the copy writer and editor of Sterling Paper Products Ent. Inc.? How many of this erroneous postcards are in circulation? Hundreds? Thousands? Can I consider this a collector's item just like the one hundred peso 'Arrovo bill'? hehehhe :mrgreen:

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Ride Bicol Express to go to Bicolandia: Fares, Schedule, Train Stops, More Details

PNR Bicol Express Train

I love encouraging people to travel especially travel within the country to see and experience the best spots and top attractions of each provinces in the Philippines. Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan ika nga. But traveling can be really expensive if you don’t plan well and if you don’t do your research, unless well you are rich and is not restricted by any travel budget. But for the average Pinoy, hard-earned money must be spent wisely. The good thing is even if you are traveling on a shoestring budget you can still go to the best locations and tourist destinations in the Philippines; you just need to scout for affordable options. So if there are choices wherein you can save as much moolah as you can, grab it! What can be more affordable way to travel great distances than by train?! (Well, unless there are piso fare deals from budget airlines then that’s another story.) And what is the Philippines most famous train? The Bicol Express!!!

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