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Island Hopping to Virgin Island of Bantayan Cebu

It's the second day of our Bantayan vacation. We rose early with the sun, excited to go island hopping to Virgin Island. Our baon was freshly-catch seafood, a combo of blue crabs, local lobster, fish, octopus, that we are to cook once we get to the island. We also had mangoes, soft drinks, and puso for a complete, satisfying, delectable seafood island feast . Lami dyud!  ;) **For an updated Bantayan travel guide and list of accommodations in Sta Fe, you can refer to this post. We hopped on-board a motorized outrigger boat. Boat rental Continue Reading

Updated Bantayan Island Travel Guide and Accommodation Options

Some visitors prefer to skip the city and head straightaway to Sta Fe, Bantayan Island after arrival in the Mactan airport. Can this be done? Yes. But if I may suggest, I’d recommend that you spend the night in Cebu City and then make your way to the Cebu North Bus terminal around 4:45 AM. If you are the type who prefers the ‘no-sleep- adventures’, arrive in Mactan airport late night, then take the first trip to Hagnaya at 1 AM.  There is another one at 3 AM. But this can be taxing on your body, so make sure you have the stamina for the long Continue Reading

Bantayan Island Tourist Traps and Tips to Avoid

As with any place frequented by tourist and visitors, there are bound to be tourist traps and not so good practices. Bantayan is no exception. I’m just hoping that local government and stakeholders will change ways a bit to make the island even more ‘tourist friendly’ than it already is. Tourism is everybody’s businesses and everyone should ensure that what tourists and visitors bring back from their trip are wonderful memories, not memories of being harassed, or the feeling of being ‘scam’. There is always a room for improvement is what I am Continue Reading

Bantayan Island Cebu Travel Guide and Tips

Heads-up! Bantayan is not Boracay. This famous vacation destination in Cebu is laidback. There are no loud all-nighter parties, no lines of restaurants meters off the shoreline, no regular sighting of celebrities. You will even find it difficult to find beach resorts that offers a wide array of aqua-adventure facilities like jetskiing, parasailing, kit-surfing, bananaboat ride. They are almost non-existent in the island. But you can always amuse yourself like these foreign visitors playing badminton in the waters. Fun time in Bantayan   Or Continue Reading

Bantayan Island Resorts Directory, Contact Numbers, Travel Guide

Bantayan Island north of Cebu is the province answer to Boracay's long white sand beach. You have probably seen lots of pictures of its white sand beach and and crystal clear blue waters. This island destination used to be a 'hidden paradise' and a well kept secret of Cebu but more and more people have discovered what this beach haven offers, thanks mainly to awesome feedbacks and reviews of all those who have visited Bantayan Island and also for those Cebu travel blogs that spreads awareness of what this town has in store for travelers and Continue Reading