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Doglas Baguio Dog – Up Close and Personal

Look what we found in Baguio! Just when I thought that I had made the rounds of the major tourist spots in Baguio, I learn from our last trip to the highlands that the city has a canine star that also draws in tourists and visitors. The minute you see his adorable self is also the minute you will decide to part with your money. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Baguio’s most famous dog, Doglas, where one shot will set your travel funds back. *If you happen not to love dogs, I guess you will have an easier time saying ‘no’ to this kind Continue Reading

Top and Popular Pasalubong From Baguio City

What’s the best thing about traveling? Aside from the experiences and the memories that will remain with you for life, it’s food and souvenirs! Each town and provinces in the Philippines offers local delights and delicacies and as much as possible you should not miss them when you travel and take a vacation. Some local products are easier to find than others, these popular treats are usually what ends up as your pasalubong for friends and family back home too. So after our DIY tour of Baguio we have an extra bag just for pasalubong and Continue Reading

Bell Church Baguio – Chinese Temple in The Summer Capital

This 3D/2N trip to Baguio has been full of surprises and new discoveries like learning that the City of Pines has a Chinese Temple – the Bell Church Baguio. Right after our short visit to La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, we decided to go to this religious center, our last stop for our cheap Day 2 Baguio Tour.  Its address is Magsaysay Avenue just before the border between Baguio City and La Trinidad Benguet. I was all smiles when we got off the jeepney and saw the welcome arch nearest the road. Without a doubt in my mind, I said that this was a Continue Reading

Diplomat Hotel Baguio Ruins: Spooky Haunting Turned Prayer Mountain in Dominican Hill

There is another side to Baguio, one that may have escaped the radar of most tourists especially those from far away provinces of Visayas and Mindanao, that side is dark, eerie and creepy.  It’s a world’s apart from the normal expectation of wonderful sites and enjoyable highland temperature. This side attracts a different kind of tourists and explorers too, appealing more to those who are brave and those who think themselves brave for wanting to face the unknown, the spirits of the other world. Those who tempt fate by searching for Not Like Continue Reading

Brave The Cold Winds – A Baguio Vacation Chronicle

It’s almost a sure thing the moment you get on a bus for a long ride, the music that the driver plays will include the repertoire of slow rocks from Hotel California to Total Eclipse of the Heart to pop songs like Got To Believe in Magic. Righty right? Hehe So I was expecting to be lulled to semi-sleep while billboard hits from years gone past plays on. Lol, I wasn’t wrong on the era of the music that played on the Dagupan Bus Line we took from Cubao to Baguio, what I was wrong though were my prediction of the song list. Nope, they weren't Continue Reading

Baguio 3D/2N Itinerary: DAY 2 Affordable Baguio Tour – Travel Guide

This is the second part of  our do it yourself 3D / 2N itinerary in Baguio City. In case you missed the first part, you can read it on this link: Commuting to Baguio top tourist spots Day 1 which includes commuting and direction tips to get to  Wright Park / The Mansion / Mines View / Good Shepherd / SM Baguio / Session Road via jeepneys and having a walking tour. I will have a separate more personal sharing of what transpired and the experiences during our DIY Baguio City Tour. For this post, I’ll just get on right away to the tips on how to Continue Reading

Baguio 3D/2N Itinerary: Cheap City Tour via Public Commute PART ONE

This post is written specifically with first time visitors and tourists to Baguio in mind. This is a sample itinerary for those who are taking a break from work or school and will stay in Baguio for 3D/2N. If this will be your first time in going to the Summer Capital, I would hazard a guess and say that you want to maximize your holiday. Maximizing of course, means visiting as many must see tourist destinations as you can, right? I might be wrong heheh actually it depends on your main purpose in going to Baguio, but if I was a first –timer I Continue Reading

Experiencing – Exploring Baguio : Blogging Mission of Trips and Tales

Climbing to Baguio for the fourth time, I thought I won’t be surprised anymore but little did I know our Baguio 2013 trip turned out to be my best travel to the City of Pines. I visited the must see tourist spots in Baguio as well as some off the beaten destinations. Thanks to friendship that started online – we got to discover and visit new sites that are normally not in the itinerary of first time visitors to the city. Daghang salamat Joven for touring with us! Baguio was SO COLD when we arrived there. It was the coldest I’ve experienced so Continue Reading

How to Go to Baguio from Manila and NAIA Terminal 3 Easily: Bus Options

One of the top tourist destinations in Luzon and the whole Philippines is Baguio City. Almost everyone I know wishes to travel to Baguio to experience its cold weather even for a single moment.  Baguio is a lot different weather-wise compared to the rest of the Philippine archipelago. Those who live in Manila and North Luzon provinces are lucky as they can make a short trip or a weekend quick getaway to the City of Pines quiet easily. Unlike us who lives in the scattered islands of Visayas and far away landlocked provinces in Mindanao, Baguio Continue Reading