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Happy Times Caleruega Sky Ranch Tagaytay Family Outing

Caleruega Nasugbo

Where to bring your visitors on a day trip that is near Manila or Laguna? My easy answer would be Tagaytay – this highland place has much to offer on top of its cool climate and tourist magnet Taal Volcano.

When my aunties and cousins visited us last December, one of their request was to go to Tagaytay. I was their vacation planner, so I made sure to wove this place onto their itinerary. Since we were based in Liliw, taking public transport or commuting to Tagaytay from our home is a challenge. It required multiple change of vehicles – jeeps, tricycle, jeeps, jeeps, etc – something that is not so good news health-wise for majority of my charges (i.e. may aunties). They can brave the long journey if they had to, but they didn’t have to.

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Paskong Pinoy sa Liliw – Ready na pang-aguinaldo sa mga bata :D

Paskong Pinoy Tradition Namamasko

“One, two, three, sixteen, twenty one! 21 groupings of 10 pcs coins each, that should be enough, right?

“Baby maniwala ka kukulangin yan sa daming batang mamamasko after magsimba.”

Christmas 2015. This is my first time to spend Christmas day in Liliw, and I am so looking forward to the hordes of kids who will come knocking on the doors, shouting, exclaiming ‘mamamasko po!’.

Years ago, my then boyfriend Titus (the hubby now) regaled me with stories of kids that will descend on the town of Liliw on Christmas Day. He told me to prepare coins for the kids Aguinaldo or gift – 1 pesos, 5 pesos, 10 pesos, so I did.

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Genghis Mongolian Grill Restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga

Cereal Prawn in Angeles Restaurant

Eat All You Can at Genghis Mongolian Grill! This is one delicious reason why you should check out this restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga. Now, if you are allergic to ‘eat all you can’ for whatever reason – weight watching or mahina ka kumain or something else – don’t worry you can always go for the single bowl or try their ala cart dishes.

If you are not familiar with restaurants serving mongolian bowls – now is the time to try it! Treat your taste buds to something new! When you are at the food counter with your bowl – all you have to do is add the ingredients and condiments you like best among the array of choices. It’s a good rule of thumb to include noodles, meat, spices, sauces, and, veggies. Nahhh ignore what I just said, you don’t have to follow any rule at all, pick what you what and pile it up high on your bowl. Then hand this to the chef, and wait 10 minutes or so, and you’ll have a steaming hot bowl of Mongolian feast.

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Angeles City Heritage Walking Tour – Sites and Itinerary Recommendations

Holy Rosary Church Angeles City

Look to the past to know a city better. This is very true, aye? =)

I was very fortunate and thankful to be part of the Angeles City Tourism’s Total Tourist Experience last July. This tour trashed and debunked my preconceived notions about the city. It made me realized it was poor judgement on my part not to have thought of visiting Angeles before. The city was one of those places I know of but never really thought of visiting, because I thought the city wasn’t interesting enough and offers little. But now I know I was wrong.
I urge you,if you are planning a great Luzon adventure, or following a food trip trail in Luzon, do not miss Angeles City. If you know nothing about this city except those things you’ve Googled, it’s all the more reason why you should come. Angeles City surprises, in good, good ways.

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Island Hopping to Virgin Island of Bantayan Cebu

Virgin Island Hopping from Bantayan

It’s the second day of our Bantayan vacation. We rose early with the sun, excited to go island hopping to Virgin Island. Our baon was freshly-catch seafood, a combo of blue crabs, local lobster, fish, octopus, that we are to cook once we get to the island. We also had mangoes, soft drinks, and puso for a complete, satisfying, delectable seafood island feast . Lami dyud!  😉

**For an updated Bantayan travel guide and list of accommodations in Sta Fe, you can refer to this post.

We hopped on-board a motorized outrigger boat. Boat rental for the whole day is P800, it comes with life vests for the passengers. Virgin Island has a designated area for grilling and cooking at no charge.  Your boatman can be your cook too. Normally, one just gives a tip and/or lunch invitation for this extra service requested of the boatman.

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