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Freedom to Surf in Baler | Yes!  Non-Swimmers can surf too!

Baler Surfing First Timer

You may not know how to swim, but you can surf. I’ve found this out first hand when the road led us to Baler, Aurora Province this summer. Not only I, also my sister. Kenneth and I grew up in Mactan, our house was a mere 500 meters from the nearest shoreline, but we never learn to swim. So you understand how doubtful I was when told I don’t have to know how to swim to surf. ‘Ma’am Cille kaya mo talaga yan’  assured Shanlee. But of course the experience will be a lot better if you can swim well. ;) We were in Baler for 4D/3N. This was Continue Reading

Art in Island 3D Museum in Cubao – Entrance Fee, Promos, Discounts and other Details

Art in Island 3D Museum in Cubao

My first experience of 3D art was in Malaysia in i-City Shah Alam’s Trick Art Museum, I’ve got a handful of awesome pics from that fun experience, so I know it’ll be a treat to visit another 3D art museum. And this time it’s going to be in Manila. Can’t wait to check out the Art in Island in Cubao tomorrow, said to be the biggest of its kind in Asia! I was doing some research earlier about the admission fees, operating hours, promos and discounts, do's and don'ts, etc. and I’ve collated the info so I can share them with you who may be Continue Reading

PAHIYAS FESTIVAL ng Lucban, Quezon – A Thanksgiving Feast

Pahiyas Kiping Display

Every 15th of May, Lucban San Isidro Festival is celebrated in Lucban, Quezon. This festival, which dates as far back as 1500, is popularly known today as Pahiyas. History says that the Feast of San Isidro Labrador was first observed by the native Tagalogs in order to avoid bad luck, drought and famine. When Lucban's church,  San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish, was established in 1630, the natives bring their select farm-produce inside the new church where the Parish Priest blesses the harvests as a form of thanksgiving to the Lord. As a Continue Reading

Dalitiwan Resort in Majayjay – Cold Spring and River

Dalitiwan Resort Swimming Pool

Is it oppressively hot and humid where you are at? Like you’ve just step off the shower yet beads of perspiration makes a neat trail on your brows and back? Now, imagine you are slowly submerging your body in freaking cold spring water that goosebumps appears in your arms.  And when you look around you, you see mountain walls with its big trees and lush greens. You close your eyes, letting time, worries and the scorching summer heat melt away… Wouldn’t you like that? :D I know I would hehe. Summer is stifling hot in the Philippines, we Continue Reading

Experience SM MOA Ice Skating Rink | Entrance Fee and Rates

SM MOA Ice Skating Rink Rates

I've celebrated one birthday trying to learn how to skate in SM MOA’s ice skating rink. I was able to stand and walk a few steps, ventured to the center with knees quaking, laughing hard and trying not to fall. We've bought the unlimited All Day Pass but only stayed there less than an hour, for one it was cold and hands were freezing. We were ill-prepared for a day of ice-skating (nakkkss, excuses hehe). Second, we were latched on the side railing more time versus doing actual ‘walking on ice’. I won’t even say it was skating, haha. The Continue Reading

Nagcarlan Bunga Falls and A San Miguel Beer Commercial

Bunga Falls Nagcarlan

Did that get your attention? :) When Titus and I were discussing places to explore in Laguna, Nagcarlan’s Bunga Falls was among the destinations on the table. What sway the vote in favour of this “twin falls” in Nagcarlan? The San Miguel Beer Commercial in the 1990s. “Baby yung falls na yun pinakita sa San Miguel Commercial” “Talaga?! Hanapin natin sa Youtube!” Lol. I was excited because heyyy this falls was on a product commercial! It is nearby our place in Liliw. Plus the time was ripe to go on the road and have another Continue Reading

Not Like Ours | Climbing Aurora’s Balete Tree

Baler Balete and Not Like Ours Elementals

Three weeks after I climbed (all thureee"sides") of the infamous tree, I'm still sick. I was already sick prior to the trip but of course (rolls eyes, slightly) it has to be my disturbance of "their" home that would cause the coughing fit, and it's always worse just before I try to sleep. Do I believe that there are Others/Elementals? Of course I do! I remember this tiny crazy laugh I heard as a child waking up in the middle of the night - it's like hearing that laugh in a Yano song though freakier and more sinister... Or the times Continue Reading

Baler Road Stories: Canili and Diayo Dams and Reservoir

Canili and Diayo Dam Reservoir

Baler, Aurora. We arrived there a little past 7 AM after leaving Cubao at 2:30 AM. It wasn’t such a tiring bus ride as our little group - me, Titus, Kenneth and Julie were on-board the executive coach of the Joy Bus line. As soon as we left Manila and reached NLEX, my companions have settled in to a comfortable sleep. I was unable to snatch a nap the whole ride which has become my usual during long bus trip, could be excitement, too many thoughts running on my head and whathaveyous but I did close my eyes here and there. For bus trip Continue Reading

BALER at the Edge of the Sierra Madre: A PhotoBlog

Baler Surfing Adventour

Prior to going I know nothing of Baler except for two things; first, it’s a major destination for surfing in the country; second, the siege of their church by Katipuneros at the turn of the century. My vacation planning was limited to finding a reasonable accommodation for our group, the rest was left to Julie as she had been to Baler before. Imagine my surprise then when we first got on the tricycle at the Joy Bus terminal and a laminated tourist spots card was staring at me as I took my seat. There is a card with the list of popular Continue Reading