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The Humble Silhig Lanot from Cebu Made it on TV – Make this your next pasalubong!

It’s a common sight at the Cebu – Mactan airport to see passengers carrying boxes of Shamrock Otap, CNT, Ayer’s, Zubuchon Lechon, dried mangoes and danggit. And why not? These are the popular pasalubong from Cebu.  I do too, but aside from these usual items, I also bring with me silhig lanot. I really do, as in haha.  Cebuanos we should make this our mission to make our silhig lanot famous! Unsa man, agree? Hehehe The first time I brought this broom on my trip back to Manila last 2006, there were 3 big ones sticking out of my duffel bag. Continue Reading

Lumban Barong Tagalog for Made to Order and Ready to Wear!!!

Special occasions and events usually require guests to don on formal garb. For the lady you can go really traditional and have a baro’t saya Filipiniana gown, while for the men barong tagalog is the top choice. The upcoming President Aquino’s SONA on Monday would be the prime occasion to watch a parade of elaborate and bonggang tradisyonal na kasuotan.  But for us normal folks, usually gowns and barong tagalog are reserve for occasions such as weddings. You agree? :) Last week Titus and I went to Manila and Laguna armed with a list of Continue Reading

Cebu Pasalubong Recommendations For You

Lechon, chorizo, utap, dried mango, danggit, pusit in your baggage – we definitely know where you’ve been! Gikan ka sa Cebu and these items are your pasalubong from the Queen City of the South. =) In the Philippines vacations are synonymous to pasalubong. It’s almost unthinkable to go home after an out of town trip and not to be bringing anything special from the place you've just visited. There are different pasalubong choices when you are in Baguio and other Philippine provinces. If you need ideas to fill your Cebu pasalubong shopping bag, Continue Reading

Tara Na Sa Divisoria! For The Love of Bargains and Good Buys

“Can we go to Divisoria? We should go to Divi!” Urges me whenever I am planning a trip to Manila and luckily for me I almost always made it to this bargain mecca before I go back to Cebu. Have you been to Divi? =) I clearly remember the first time I was there, I was with a Divisoria neophyte too and we were bringing a car. Clueless and warned repeatedly that ‘parking is horrendous. Park as soon as you can find a space”, an image of us just going round and round the area without finding one stuck on my head. So after passing the Binondo Continue Reading

Lumban Laguna Embroidery: Barong Tagalog, Terno, Wedding Gowns and More

Laguna is close to my heart for I call it home for almost half a decade. I remember almost every other Wednesday I take to the road and drive through the outskirt towns, what we also call “Upper Laguna”. Lagi kong binabaybay yun all the way from Calamba – Los Banos – Calauan – Victoria – Pila – Sta Cruz – Pagsanjan – Lumban -  Kalayaan – Paete – Pakil – Pangil and end my field work in Siniloan.  These road trips passing through old towns, verdant greens and seeing Laguna Lake at some points are a welcome break from the more chaotic and Continue Reading

Top and Popular Pasalubong From Baguio City

What’s the best thing about traveling? Aside from the experiences and the memories that will remain with you for life, it’s food and souvenirs! Each town and provinces in the Philippines offers local delights and delicacies and as much as possible you should not miss them when you travel and take a vacation. Some local products are easier to find than others, these popular treats are usually what ends up as your pasalubong for friends and family back home too. So after our DIY tour of Baguio we have an extra bag just for pasalubong and Continue Reading

Anatomy of Sundot Kulangot: Baguio’s Top Pasalubong Series

Of all beautiful sites, new memories, wonderful experiences, delicacies and favorite pasalubong items that we've come across during our Baguio 2013 do-it-yourself tour, I found myself wanting to write first about the yummy Sundot Kulangot. Lol.  :mrgreen: If you don’t know what is ‘sundot kulangot’ and you know a bit of Tagalog you’d probably be cringing now hahaha. Case in Point: My sister just rummaged through the pasalubong items I brought from Baguio. She picked the big bao and asked “What is this?” That’s sundot kulangot. Her Continue Reading

Haggle When You Buy Cebu Guitar in Mactan Island

Everyone at our house can play the guitar except mom. It’s not such a surprise if you consider that we live in the island where guitar shops and factories are located.  These Mactan guitars, commonly called “Cebu guitars” are famous all over the Philippines for its craftsmanship.  Some handmade acoustic guitars and other string instruments like ukelele and cocolele are even exported to many countries across the globe for decades now. I had a customized Mactan guitar at aged 14. I can play the guitar not exceptionally though but it’s passable. Continue Reading

Paete Laguna for Your Christmas Shopping, Decors and Gifts

Today is what 32 days before Christmas? Hapit na dyud ang Pasko! Are you excited? I know I am hehe  :mrgreen: What I’ll miss though for this Christmas is not being able to visit big bazaars in Manila like Noel Bazaar and World Christmas Bazaar. I don’t buy much but I like bazaar window shopping and checking out items on bargains hehe. Some of the best finds I’ve had from these bazaars were decorated Christmas boxes and a Sagrada de Familia carving but that was like 2 or 3 years ago. When I saw those special Christmas theme decors especially Continue Reading