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Hotel Review: RED PLANET ASEANA CITY Near Airport, MOA, Pasay

Red Planet Hotel Aseana City

One of our favorite hotels with affordable room rates is the Red Planet. This chain of hotel used to be called Tune Hotel. So if your taxi driver is not familiar with Red Planet, just tell them that this is the former Tune Hotel, and just give them the branch name.

So far, we have stayed in Red Planet Angeles City, Aseana City, and the one in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). This will be a hotel review of Red Planet Aseana. We’ve booked there last December 2015 for an overnight stay. We used Red Planet’s booking app to reserved and pay for our hotel room accommodation.

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Weekend Getaway at Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park

Tejero Highlands Pool

Countless summers and trips from Cebu to Dumaguete to Valencia always have a ‘getaway to Tejero’ in the itinerary; it’s one of the non-negotiable aspects when our side of the clan visits our Lola’s birthplace. The other non-negos are buying torta and pure tablea sa tiangge. =)

In early 2000s and up to a few years back, the place looks very basic with its river-fed pool and a few tables here and there for day use. Pool maintenance was sporadic but understandable as the water flows constantly from the river diverted into the pool and goes out, back again to the river path. We don’t even call the place a resort then, to our young minds it was just ‘Tejero Pool’ – a fun place where we can laugh and play, an amazing place that holds special memories of our summer escapades.

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Salagdoong Beach Resort in Siquijor Review

Waterslide and beach at Salagdoong

Siquijor Tour Series: An Overnight Stay in a White Sand Beach Resort

The local government of Siquijor manages a public resort. Are you surprise? Yep they do and what’s even more awesome is that the government-owned and managed resort Salagdoong Beach Resort and Hotel Agripino sits on prime white sand beach property in the town of Maria.

To get there at Salagdoong Resort and Hotel Agripino, you will be passing through Salagdoong Forest, a large area planted with Mahogany trees. I imagine its a bit creepy if you walk the whole stretch at dusk. Hehe  😎

Salagdoong Forest at Day Time

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How to Book Great Hotel Rooms at Affordable Prices

Book your hotel rooms early to get access to special discounts!

Everybody deserves a break and I mean everyone, no exceptions. Remember how Jack becomes dull with all work and no play? Yep, we don’t want that happening to us.

I am working online full time for over a year now and I take breaks in between months of serious work. Otherwise my productivity suffers; I become dull, bored and ineffective. So it’s very important for me to take mini breaks, to bask in the sun and go for adventures and new thrills. Do you feel the same way I do?

Going for vacations open doors for you and allows you to experience new things, take delight in new surroundings, taste exotic food and local delicacies, and generally have a good time. But taking vacations comes with a price so unless your parents are rich and give you huge allowances, you need to save before taking your well-deserved break.

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Crown Regency Cebu Skywalk Experience and Rates

skywalk crown regency cebu fuente experience

It did not sink fully with me until a few days ago that majority of tourists in Cebu especially those coming from Manila and other provinces count the different Sky Adventures offered by Crown Regency Cebu Fuente as must do activities while vacationing here.

 I’ve also read from many itineraries that some tourists plan to try the Skywalk Adventure or the Edge Coaster or a sample of the Extreme Adventure like zipline. Those who are not traveling on a tight budget and have the required courage, plan to try them all.

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