Salagdoong Beach Resort in Siquijor Review

Waterslide and beach at Salagdoong

Siquijor Tour Series: An Overnight Stay in a White Sand Beach Resort The local government of Siquijor manages a public resort. Are you surprise? Yep they do and what’s even more awesome is that the government-owned and managed resort Salagdoong Beach Resort and Hotel Agripino sits on prime white sand beach property in the town […]

How to Book Great Hotel Rooms at Affordable Prices

Book your hotel rooms early to get access to special discounts!

Everybody deserves a break and I mean everyone, no exceptions. Remember how Jack becomes dull with all work and no play? Yep, we don’t want that happening to us. I am working online full time for over a year now and I take breaks in between months of serious work. Otherwise my productivity suffers; I […]

Crown Regency Cebu Skywalk Experience and Rates

skywalk crown regency cebu fuente experience

It did not sink fully with me until a few days ago that majority of tourists in Cebu especially those coming from Manila and other provinces count the different Sky Adventures offered by Crown Regency Cebu Fuente as must do activities while vacationing here.  I’ve also read from many itineraries that some tourists plan to […]

Summit Circle Hotel: Continuing Cebu Midtown’s Legacy

penfires at the summit circle cebu hotel

The Fuente Osmena Rotunda could very well be the heart of Cebu City. It’s that place where Jones Avenue converges with Mango Avenue, where Downtown and Uptown Cebu City meets. The Rotunda’s significance is etched in the history of Cebu because it’s been the usual place where Cebuanos gather for rallies, it’s also a favorite […]

Prequel to a Fun Cebu Weekend at Summit Circle!

Summit Circle Bloggers Event

I know service and servicing intimately. Very intimate in fact that I strongly believe I have a good feel if a customer service rep or a liaison officer is merely extending courtesies to a client because its part of the job and not because there is that genuine concern for the client. After graduating from university a […]