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Why Oh Why PLDT? Your service is nearing bottom pit

I am a very fair person and what you read here in my blog are my real sentiments. That is why alongside glowing reviews of islands and trips, restaurants I’ve been to, hotel I’ve stayed in, services I’ve availed of, I also share posts about tourist traps and issues encountered. One of my aims for […]

Toy Kingdom Hot Wheels Merchandisers Gone Bad: Customer Buying Experience

For a company that prides itself as the “truly toy paradise” and calls themselves “the amazing toy store” that brings happiness and smiles to kids and those kids at heart, Toy Kingdom at SM City Cebu sure have some merchandisers that do the opposite of their company’s goals. I am referring particularly to the merchandisers […]

Lapu – Lapu City Post Office Disappointing Service: EPIC FAIL!

I am not writing this to rant for the sake of ranting. I also don’t like to have negative posts, it gives bad vibes on my blog but this must be done. It’s a way for me to release my frustrations and disappointments with the postal office. There had been tons of times I let […]

Unreliable 2GO Cargo and Parcel Services

My business suffered a loss because 2GO Courier and Parcel Services Philippines failed to deliver on time. 2GO is unreliable, at least their Cebu branch is. And to think this is supposed to be one of their company’s mission “We provide flexible solutions to help your businesses grow.”

No Sir I don’t think so. Mayhap that is true for the big companies but for very small businesses like mine I think they couldn’t care less if they don’t deliver on their commitments and obligations.

2GO Delivery and Customer Service: VERY DISAPPOINTING

2GO Cargo and Parcel delivery here in the Philippines is very disappointing. 2GO’s CEBU customer service is very lousy as per my experience. And well not only me it seems, you can go to 2GO facebook fan page wall and read other facebook user’s complains about their service. 2GO it seems doesn’t treat their customers right, well, at least they did not treat me right or these other people:

Opps, 2GO Philippines sent someone else’s parcel to somebody else.

Is this true: 2GO delivery agents are making up stories????