ONE JOURNEY – Thank You for the Blessings!

1011 AX and CJ

After the wedding celebration wrapped-up my long-time friends asked me ‘so Cecilya is this what you dream your wedding day to be?. I replied I really didn’t dream anything in details but everything far exceeds any expectation I may have. Our family and friends, our wedding suppliers from Cebu and Manila, and especially my husband […]

Summer Rising in the Philippines!

Kawasan Summer

Sobrang init karon, gahapon, sa usang adlaw og murag mas init pa dyud ni in the comings weeks. Aghhhhhh. My newsfeed is peppered with similar sentiments, yours too? I have been following weather reports lately, found it fascinating learning how hot it’s going to be in the coming days, it’s  my cue to say with exasperation and haggard […]

Pasko Na! What’s your Christmas Wishlist this 2013?

Pasko Pampasko

I love Christmas, I adore the season. I’ve written so many topics about this holiday season in the last three years that Penfires exists and am always ecstatic and inspired every time I write about Pasko topics. =) Christmas to me is more on giving back and sharing all the blessings I’ve been blessed with […]

BOHOL CEBU EARTHQUAKE October 15 – We Will Rise Again!

Bohol Loon Church Ruins

 There are families who have lost love-ones on this tragedy and nothing can ever bring them back. Our heartfelt sympathy and condolences goes to them. Please let us all continue to pray for all the victims of this October 15 earthquake. By now, you probably have seen the damages this 7.2 magnitude earthquake did to […]

Special Grandparents Day at SM City Cebu

SM City Cebu Contest Winners

I am writing this post while listening to a medley of Eraserheads songs, right now it’s the upbeat song Toyang. Appropriate for this sharing. =) “..bahay namin maliit lamang” “pero pero pero malinis to pati sa kusina.” “kumain man kami, laging sama-sama…” . . . “Madalas man kaming walang pera, Makita lang ang kislap ng […]