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Garden Blooms and Flowers by the Roads

Penfires Garden First Bloom

I’ve been enamored lately with gardening. Passing fancy? Or my farmer’s family gene finally sprouting? My family on my dad’s side are farmers, when Kenneth and I were kids, we’d spent our summer school break in Mindanao to accompany our dad who goes there para mag copra. ‘Mindanao’ for us is Zambulawan, Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur where my dad’s side of the family lives.  The family’s primary livelihood is connected with the earth, tilling it, growing crops, trees, and plants. I almost forgot my mom's grandads on both sides were millet and Continue Reading

Give Me Money Moon ~ A Wish for Blessings

Give Me Money Moon Penfires

A famous line in Cebu ‘Moon... Give Me Money Moon’ whenever the moon shines bright and big. Over the weekend, I asked my husband, my Tagalog friends, and a friend from Leyte, and nope, they are not familiar with it. And I'm so surprise “Really? You haven’t heard of it? You’ve never said it at all?!” Myyyyy. I do, and I still do at times especially when the moon looks enticingly beautiful, full of promises like tonight. I don’t know if it’s a Cebuano thing or just in our place in Lapu-Lapu City that folks utter the line when it’s full Continue Reading

Baler Road Stories: Canili and Diayo Dams and Reservoir

Canili and Diayo Dam Reservoir

Baler, Aurora. We arrived there a little past 7 AM after leaving Cubao at 2:30 AM. It wasn’t such a tiring bus ride as our little group - me, Titus, Kenneth and Julie were on-board the executive coach of the Joy Bus line. As soon as we left Manila and reached NLEX, my companions have settled in to a comfortable sleep. I was unable to snatch a nap the whole ride which has become my usual during long bus trip, could be excitement, too many thoughts running on my head and whathaveyous but I did close my eyes here and there. For bus trip Continue Reading

It’s Pabasa For Holy Week!

2:47 AM after switching on the electric fan because it was a little stuffy tonight I got back into bed. I was almost drifting back to sleep again when all of a sudden I can hear ladies voices murmuring in earnest, twas faint at first, then gradually it becomes more and more distinct, building to a crescendo then again grows faint. Nagpapakiramdam ako, was thinking maybe it was just my imagination but no the up and down tempo of collective voices I could not mistake, it's the same tone of novena praying during wakes. I checked the time, it is Continue Reading

Ayala Triangle Gardens  Christmas 2014 Lights and Sound Show

Makati Light Show 2014

Come see the Festival of Lights 2014 at Makati’s Ayala Triangle Garden!  Running for 5 years now, this holiday celebration never fails to bring wide smiles and warmth, fuzzy feelings to those who are able to watch it live. You can even say that this lights, laser and sound show is becoming a Paskong Pinoy tradition for those in Metro Manila and nearby area. The first time I watched the symphony of lights and music in Ayala Live and not just via Youtube videos was back in 2011. Ever since then if I am in Luzon during the Christmas holiday I, Continue Reading

Liliw Laguna Home in the Highlands

Liliw Laguna

It’s my second morning here in Liliw and for two days in a row, I’ve woken up early. Right now it’s 6 AM, I usually wake up in Cebu at 8:30 AM or later. Lol.  =) The town comes alive at an early hour. The mamang magpuputo just passed the side of our house,putt, putt, putt. errrr I don’t know the sound name that mamang magpuputo makes hahaha.  Down below on the adjacent house to ours there is a pile of tree branch cuttings, probably a remnant of Typhoon Glenda last July. The wind here is chilly, feels like December that I had to put Continue Reading

ONE JOURNEY – Thank You for the Blessings!

Cebu Wedding Post Nup Marcelo Fernan Bridge

After the wedding celebration wrapped-up my long-time friends asked me ‘so Cecilya is this what you dream your wedding day to be?. I replied I really didn't dream anything in details but everything far exceeds any expectation I may have. Our family and friends, our wedding suppliers from Cebu and Manila, and especially my husband Titus – all have given me something so wonderful that words fail me. Thank You God for this day! Thank You for letting us experienced so much joy. Thank You for leading our paths towards each Continue Reading

Summer Rising in the Philippines!

Kawasan Summer

Sobrang init karon, gahapon, sa usang adlaw og murag mas init pa dyud ni in the comings weeks. Aghhhhhh. My newsfeed is peppered with similar sentiments, yours too? :) I have been following weather reports lately, found it fascinating learning how hot it’s going to be in the coming days, it's  my cue to say with exasperation and haggard expression “grabe ka init! di matabang!!!” Lol. Cebu and nearby provinces is looking at average temperatures of 33 to 34 degrees Celcius this May, says PAGASA. Manila environs hit 36 degC two days ago Continue Reading

The Rain Song for Rainy Cebu – Sinulog 2014

rain_rain_go_away sinulog 2014

Lulled to early sleep by the pitter-patter of rain drops on the roof, I was expecting the rain would have stop by the time I wake up, but nope, not a chance. For the past few days it’s been raining non-stop here in Cebu, and based on the latest weather updates this gloomy, wet weather will likely continue on for the next week or so. So Cebu is bracing for a wet Sinulog 2014 celebration but rain or no rain, nothing will prevent the Sto Nino devotees from attending the novena, Traslacion and the Fluvial parade. Rain won’t also stop the Continue Reading