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Short and Sweet Cebu Visit Plus Cebuano Favorite Eats

Spending 12 days in Cebu may be a tad too long for regular tourists to this island province. But am not a tourist, am a Cebuana, and may I add a proud, beautiful one. Hahaha hirit pa dyud. =) This was our first visit this year, my husband and I. 12 days is short but we’ll take it. Our next Cebu visit will be this December 31. Lol, hahabol lang sa New Year’s Eve hehe. Visiting Cebu is always a happy occasion. I get to be with my family again, see my Lolo and Lola, explore new places, and of course, eat. Cebu food trip was one of our main Continue Reading

Oriental Spice Gourmet A Must Try Restaurant in Mactan, Cebu

Craving  for some honest to goodness delectable Southeast Asian dishes like Phad Thai, Hainese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Tom Yam Chicken and those other savory and nakakatakam spice-laden dishes of our neighboring countries? You are in luck! We are in luck to be precise hehehe. Our latest food trip brought us to Chef Cyril and Mary Ann’s Oriental Spice Gourmet Restaurant in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City. After our trip to Kuala Lumpur when we first tasted authentic Malaysian dishes, we've been asking ourselves where to go to eat Malaysian cuisine here in Continue Reading

Cebu Restaurant Review: Big Flat Bread Pizza and Pasta

New restaurants are sprouting in Metro Cebu that it’s challenging to maintain a list of new dining establishments and their specialties. I tried to keep such a list before for you never know when a craving hits you and a list would have come in handy. But trying all new restaurants would seriously wreak havoc to your finances so am glad then that there are group buying sites like Groupon Philippines with deal offers for restaurants I haven’t yet tried. It allows me to try out new restaurants at a discount just like in the case of Big Flat Bread Continue Reading

Must Try Budget Restaurants in SM Cebu

Say you are a tourist on a 3D/2N Cebu vacation or even on a one day trip and it’s your first time in the Queen City of the South.  You happen to find yourself in SM Cebu and suddenly got hungry so you wonder what’s the best local restaurant to try out? The answer would of course depend entirely on you and your companions and what kind of food you are currently craving. But if you ask me for Penfires recommendations on local restaurants inside this giant mall, the top picks are  Neo Neo, Dimsum Break, Ayer’s Lechon and Flame It Burger. Except Continue Reading

Halo-Halo Oddly Beautiful Pinoy Icy Treat

In a recent episode of CNN show "Parts Unknown", host and chef Anthony Bourdain was introduced to Halo – Halo. “Oddly beautiful” were his description of this favorite Pinoy icy treat. Surprisingly, he got his first taste of this cold dessert from a Jollibee branch in LA - Koreatown. Sometimes it makes you wonder how small the world has become. A pinoy favorite available in an area in the United States populated with Koreans. :) But yah the world is becoming smaller and smaller, many contends it’s no longer 6 degrees of separation but rather it Continue Reading

Do You Miss Sinugbang Mais?

Grilled corn or "sinugbang mais" is a favorite merienda treat in the afternoon, fulfilling and cheap. Do you miss eating sinugbang mais? I was craving one time for this childhood favorite when I was working and living in Laguna. I tried to search the streets and the public market but I did not find any vendor selling this pinoy snack food. Nilagang mais or boiled sweet corn were everywhere but not grilled corn. Sad, made me think this street food home is in Cebu and other Visayan islands like Negros and I think in Mindanao provinces too. How Continue Reading

Phoebe’s Cupcakery: Sweet Spot for Cupcakes in Cebu City

Dainty and pretty can best describe the small Cebu pastry shop called Phoebe’s Cupcakery. I learned of this place when my sister who loves pretty, dainty, chic  and colorful things asked if I know this small café and if I do, that we go there to check it out. Last Sunday while my sister was enjoying their last hours in Bantayan Island for their team’s weekend getaway, I on the other hand was with two of my favorite people, Titus and Doi. We had an impromptu ‘Sunday for the Tummy’, an unplanned road trip and food trip in the city. When our trio Continue Reading

STK Ta Bai “No. 1 Pinaka Yummy in Cebu” A Review

SUTUKIL is a food preparation that Cebu is famous for. The words "SU" "TU" and "KIL" stands for Sugba (Grilled), Tula or Tuwa (Tinola/Soup) and Kilaw (Kilawin / Ceviche). Normally what you do in sutukil restaurants is you check out their fresh catch of the day, chose your seafood which could be a combination of different fishes, squids, shells, shrimps, crabs etc, and then decide on how you want them cook. For those who can't decide, you can just say "i-sutukil" lang which means you want your ordered seafood to be portioned off for grilling, Continue Reading

Anatomy of Sundot Kulangot: Baguio’s Top Pasalubong Series

Of all beautiful sites, new memories, wonderful experiences, delicacies and favorite pasalubong items that we've come across during our Baguio 2013 do-it-yourself tour, I found myself wanting to write first about the yummy Sundot Kulangot. Lol.  :mrgreen: If you don’t know what is ‘sundot kulangot’ and you know a bit of Tagalog you’d probably be cringing now hahaha. Case in Point: My sister just rummaged through the pasalubong items I brought from Baguio. She picked the big bao and asked “What is this?” That’s sundot kulangot. Her Continue Reading