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Laptop’s Busted – Work Tool Emergency


Groot, my Lenovo Z400 Laptop, will be out of commission for 1 to 2 months. This is the estimate of Gigahertz’ technician at Lenovo’s accredited service center in Calamba, Laguna. That’s also the time estimate for the needed parts to arrive so they can fix mine  :/

Upon hearing my explanation of what happened, he said it could be the motherboard. He’ll know for certain once he has taken a good look inside and after doing some tests. Motherboard replacements takes time since they have to order parts from the supplier, which at this instant is Lenovo. Now if there is no motherboard available in the main office, they’ve got to wait for the replacement coming from abroad, from an overseas Lenovo factory / shop.

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Jing Screencast – FREE Online Screen Capturing Tool for Blogging et. al.

Jing Tutorial Screen Capture

This New Year 2014 I’m thinking of doing something different on top of what I am already sharing and posting on this blog. I’ve been publishing posts about my travels, itineraries, food trips, personal experiences and others but I have not shared yet cool tools I am using to aid my blogging adventure.

So I am creating this new category on Penfires:  Blogging – Tools – Freelancing, who knows down the road I’ll get to convince you to try your hand at blogging too. =)

That being said let me introduce you to one of my pinaka-favorite na online tool / product. It’s Jing by TechSmith. =)

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Desk Tied Reflections: Ramblings and Random Things

Cebu mountain and sea

There are tons of places in the Philippines that beg to be visited but how can we visit all in our lifetime? Sure we can visit the major tourist centers in the country like Baguio, Tagaytay, Cebu, Davao, Bohol, Ilo-ilo, Boracay, Camiguin, Batanes and ticked them off our must-visit-list but within those places and provinces are hidden gems that we may not even know about unless we decide to spend a considerable amount of time exploring the nooks and crannies.

Majority of us will also visit a popular destination in the Philippines only once.  Not because that’s our choice but because we don’t have enough funds to make return trips to all favorite places we have visited and those that we have yet to travel to. If we have the funds, then there will be other complications like time not being on our side because the reality for most of us is we have work to go back to.  Taking a break was just that – taking a short break. But breaks are good and breaks are fun!!!

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Review: Applying for PLDT MyDSL Home Broadband Connection

PLDT MyDSL Home Broadband Modem

Me thinks 2012 is really a Lucky Year for me. I am hoping 2013 will even be luckier.

I’ve been having trouble with our SmartBro Home Wireless Canopy connection especially at the start of December. Slow loading and getting cut off from the net from time to time. This is bad news, I have to have a reliable and stable internet connection at all times as my freelance work and blogging projects hinge on it.

The techguys from SmartBro have been at our house countless times that I bet they know our rooftop intimately now hehe. On their last visit, the technician finally said “Maa’m we have to report this as ‘Field Close’. Your connection strength signal is 73; minimum acceptable to SmartBro is 90. We have raised the masthead with the canopy as high as we can make them. We have also tried moving the masthead to different locations.”

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On Being a Blogger and Making a Difference

aman future trading on newspaper

The Aman Investment which I tackled on my blog last August, when it was still on its heyday and when people were almost worshipping Aman and ripping to pieces those who dare hint negative things about this investment has almost come full circle.  I say ‘Almost’ because the people behind Aman are still in hiding and can’t be found.

I was one of those ‘talked to’ and ‘put to placed’ sort of, for having the gall to write about the issue on this blog.

In the past few days, the Aman case is constantly being mention on major tv network news programs and being headline in national broadsheets and local newspapers. Even our Philippine President has spoken about Aman, along with the Interior Secretary and the Justice Secretary.

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