Camotes Island: Frolicking in Mangodlong Rock Resort!

Camotes Island is home to affordable white sand beaches and great resorts. Mangodlong Rock Resort together with its sister resort Santiago Bay Garden and Resort are two of Camotes most popular beach resorts.  We decided to stay in Mangodlong because we have seen pictures of it and it looks awesome! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that its more affordable than Santiago. 🙂

Welcome to Mangodlong Rock Resort

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So after our adventure in the high seas of Camotes we arrived in Mangodlong.  Unfortunately the huge waves have not normalized, in fact it looks like it’s becoming stronger. Swimming was out of the question for us so we amused ourselves by taking pictures of the scenery, ourselves (ahem) and the local kids oblivious to nature’s fury. Kids will be kids 🙂

Local kids having the time of their lives!

Waves of Fury!

Nature Unleashed!

The fortress made of bags of sands by the breakwater area was not able to contained the rough waves from flash flooding the white sands of Mangodlong Rock Resort.

White Sand Washed Ashore

We can’t swim, we can’t check out the cool cottages on the side of the breakwater because of the huge waves, so what we did was just take tons of pictures and goof around.

Water Wall!

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Channeling Son Gokuo and his Kamehame wave!

… err the waves did not cooperate LOL

Favorite spot was at the breakwater with waves splashing

what’s travelling without a jumpshot eh? ^_^

Mangodlong Rock Resort Frothy Shoreline

Oh my! those waves!

The treehouse at Mangodlong!

We stayed at one of Mangodlong Rock Resort’s airconditioned cottages on the annex area not on the beachfront as beachfront rooms are more expensive. We got our affordable accommodation via a single room with 3 beds for P1,700 plus P300 for extra-bed for the extra-person 🙂 There is a tv inside the room although no cable and only three local channels are available for viewing. That’s provincial life for you. 🙂 Remember you are in Camotes Island and not Cebu City so expect things to be a bit ‘rural’ 🙂

The downside to Camotes is that it is not highly developed yet as a tourist destination so there were no restaurants other than that of the hotel so you have no choice. Good thing we did some grocery shopping back in Danao. And you should too! 

Food serve in Mangodlong Rock Resort are actually delicious! although they are a bit pricey in our opinion almost like Manila prices say for instance the plate of Bihon was P180.00, their chicken curry was something like P150.00 if I’m not mistaken, and adobo cost P180 per serving. Their Filipino breakfast selections like tapa or single piece tocino or corned beef is at P80.00 per plate with free coffee. They have pizza at P100 which Nicko liked although it took awhile to be served. Generally, Mangodlong serves tasty foods and I enjoyed eating them. The downside is they don’t serve filtered water, their service water is tap water so you again have no choice but to buy bottled water.  I wish Mangodlong Rock Resort will serve filtered water to guests dining at their restaurant.

Chicken Curry at P150.00

Pork Adobo served at Mangodlong at P180.00 per serving

oh yeah i almost forgot during early morn someone will visit the resort to offer fresh catch of the day, you can buy fresh fish or seafoods from these people and have it cooked by the restaurant for a certain fee.

We sleep early that night, tired from  Bohol trip a day before and also that day’s eventful journey to Camotes.

The following morning the sun finally shone on us in Camotes and we made the most of it! —> Life’s a Beach at Mangodlong in Camotes!

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  1. actually i’ve been there last weekend, and i had terrible memory about staff
    our friends and me (10people)went camotes island by trip.
    we didn’t book resort and then we went there.
    Fortunately they had available rooms.
    and we asked, is it suitable us? we are 10 people.
    she said “sure, not problem ”
    so we trusted her. because of there staff!!!
    also we asked to them “could plz haggle a little bit? caz we are still student”
    the reception girl said especially today is peak time, so we cant haggle today.

    and we payed almost 6000peso for 2 rooms.
    but we really surprised when we saw the room.
    the room was really small. so they put the extra bed in front of toilet!!
    can u imagine?// so we complained to them
    exactly we didnt enter the room. just 5minutes passed after pay

    but reception girl was really rude and impolite
    she crossed her arms and sit the desk and saw us.
    even though, she just say my name Julia, i told u Julia. like that
    we are not friends. i am their customer.
    i thought she didnt go University or even high school.
    she didnt study manner maybe there owner didnt know this story.

    she said ‘ some 5guests already stayed that room some time ago.
    but we saw the poster. that room’s maximum is 4!!!

    so we want to talk with manager or owner.
    but she only told vou can get the 50% as a rule.
    is it fair in cebu? and is it in a rule??

    we asked “plz show me the contract details”
    but she didnt provide form in the end,
    finally we just slept in that room, in front of toilet.
    cause we didnt have enough money

    and the three bottles of water put on the table.
    we payed extra charge we asked “could u plz give 2 bottles of water?
    but they didnt give the water, just we have policy, iny 3 bottles of water

    actually camotes island was beautiful place and resort was nice,
    But be careful the staff!! they didnt say even ‘good morning’ next day!!!!

    • HI Julia, thanks for giving us a heads-up. That is such a bummer that you did not experience Camotes the way we did. Did you logged your complaints with the management? I think that’s the best course of action since Management can retrain their staff. I am not sure if my blog is being read by the management of Mangodlong Rock Resort, probably not. The resort manager when we there was a guy and he was very accommodating to us, as well as the staff.

      “so we want to talk with manager or owner. but she only told vou can get the 50% as a rule. is it fair in cebu? and is it in a rule??

      What do you mean by this? do you mean refund rule? I am not sure of that being a rule in Cebu.

      You can try emailing this email add: info@camotesresorts.com.ph to file your complaint, that’s how we also contacted the resort when we were doing booking and reservation.

      I hope Mangodlong’s management will hear your story so they can make changes.

      Best regards,

  2. I really enjoyed all the information you put together about the different beaches.


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