I’ve been blessed to “meet” and know kindred souls who share the same passion for blogging, especially travel blogging.  I have not personally met all these good men and women of the blogosphere but I sure hope to bond with them in the future. They enrich my life with their inspiring stories and travel tales, allow them to inspire you too!

I urge you, check their blogs, who knows you will love their sites as much as I do! 🙂 

Field Trip Boy

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Sebastian Pitbull


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Promdi City Girl * Travex Travels

Small Town Girls Midnight TrainLibotero

Juanderful Pinoy * Out of Town Blog *

My Cebu Photoblog * Tracking Treasure

Vet Long Walks * Backpacking Philippines 

Cebu Outdoor Guy * Baktin Corporation

RJ Explorer *


Ask Pinoy Bloggers

Virgin Beach Resort Cebu