Beach Resort Near Cebu City: Blue Reef Hotel in Mactan Island

Last Saturday when we checked out affordable beach resorts near Cebu City, which are of course those found in Mactan Island, we were a bit bewildered why there were only a few beach goers in the first three cheap Mactan resorts we’ve been to when it was in fact, a weekend. We surmised that it might be because most locals are still heady from the Sinulog festivities days ago and choose not to go on another adventure to the beach this soon. Whatever the reasons maybe, it was still perfect timing for us for we got good photos of the resorts since there were only a few visitors and tourists around. BUT this was not the case when we got to the Tonggo beach area where you can find Mactan Blue Reef Hotel and Ocean’s Pearl Resort. These two resorts were teeming with people, a far cry from those resorts in main Marigondon beach.

From the end of road in Marigondon, we backtracked, passed Plantation Bay and made a right turn when we saw this sign, actually we saw the back of the sign. If you are coming from Lapu-Lapu City Mercado or Tamiya, you will be making a left turn to Tonggo, the place still belongs to Marigondon but the area is specifically called Tonggo. Tonggo used to be very popular with the presence of many jutting rocks that are great jump off point for those who likes diving into the waters.

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Anyhow, the narrow pathway you’ll be following will lead to the following beach resorts: Mactan Blue Reef Hotel, Ocean’s Pearl, Nalusuan Island Resort Port, Tonggo Beach Resort. These resorts are a few walks from each other.

Signage to Tonggo Beach Area, Marigondon

We checked first Mactan Blue Reef Hotel. Among the lot that we’ve visited last Saturday, they were by far the strictest in terms of security and rules. The good thing is that they have lots of staff that will attend to you immediately. Since we were there not to swim but just to inquire about Blue Reef Hotel room rates, cottage fees, entrance fee and all, we were told that only two are allowed to come inside and check out their place and facility hehehe so Doi and I were the default choice and Titus just waited for us in their parking area lol. Poor field tripper since it was noon and so hot! Heheh

This area will greet you once you pass the information and registration desk of Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort and Hotel:

Welcome to Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort

We were not able to get good shots of their place since the staff assigned to us was pretty strict and wants to hurry as along. Lol.  Anyway, kids will love it here because of their water slides.  Children who are less than 3 feet tall gets in for free.

Water Slides for the Kids and Kids at Heart in Blue Reef – Right Side Area of the Resort

Kids enjoying the slides to the sea

Cottages at Left side area of Mactan Blue Reef Hotel

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Blue Reef Island Resort in Mactan also have cottages that can accommodate small and large group. When you avail of a cottage it comes with free entrance for a set number of persons, please see below for the cottage rentals and their free entrance limitations, excess persons in your group will have to pay P30 per head.

Small cottages for P400 – free entrance to 8 pax

Small cottages for P600 – free entrance to 12 pax

Medium size cottages for P800 – free entrance to 16 pax

Large cottages for P1, 500 – free entrance for 30 pax

Sample of their Medium Size  Cottage at Mactan Blue Reef Resort

Blue Reef Bridge to More Cottages for Rent

Big Cottage to Accommodate Large Groups

Mactan Blue Reef Hotel offers Day Trip Swimming or Night Swimming. Day Trip time is from 7am to 7pm, night swimming opens 7pm and closes at 7am.  If you extend beyond your trip time, you’ll pay the next shift rate =)

Aside from the use of cottages, they also have hotel rooms with free breakfast for two. Starting rate at P2,200 per room.

Mactan Blue Reef Hotel Building

Picture of Mactan Blue Reef Hotel Room

This affordable beach resort near Cebu City only has a few meters of white sand. If they are crowded (which they usually are) you will not be able to enjoy the white sand. And you have to note that the cottages are very close to each other, can be chaotic when there are lots of people especially this summer when more people will make their way to beach resorts for their summer getaways.

 Mactan Blue Reef Hotel and Resort beach area with white sand 

Call Blue Reef for booking or reservations at +63 32 3400626 .

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