Amusement Park Rides and Attractions at SM Mall of Asia

Last year SM Mall of Asia opened to the public its MOA EYE, the highest ferris wheel in the Philippines. This year 2012 there had been rides additions and other attractions to the MOA mini-themepark. Bring your kids to SM MOA to see and try out these rides!

Bummer though that I won’t be able to see the pyrofest contest that SM Moa usually holds every December in time for Christmas celebration.  But for those who are in Manila or who are willing to brave the standstill traffic on the roads, come and join the festivities or witness it like the Christmas Grand Parade as well as the fireworks contest. These are free but the themepark rides are not.

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Last December we were there in MOA, they have this huge snow globe, a TALL Christmas tree and a Santa’s cottage in front of the Skating Rink. Usually this mall also have series of free Christmas concerts at the SM By the Bay area as Christmas Day nears.

Some of the attractions of Moa last Christmas.

Anyhow, here are some of the colorful rides and fun attractions that you and your kids can enjoy when you visit the amusement park of SM.


Fees for the SMBY rides, these are per person rate.

Note: Mostly kids are allowed to ride these, if you are an adult you might be too big already hehehe pero puede pa ding humirit if feel mo haha.

Bumblebee – P50

Astroliner – P50

Barnstormer – P50

Galleon Ship – P50

Happy Kangaroo – P50

Bumper Car – P50

 MOA Eye – P150


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It’s best to time your trip and lakwatsa sa Moa during weekends of December so there are more Christmas activities to check out. Downside of this though is that there might be a long line if you want to ride the available attractions like the popular bumped car and the ferris wheel in MOA.


Bumblebee Sweet Ride!

Astroliner Cruise


Sail Away on a Galleon Ship!

Have Awesome Fun with Happy Kangaroo!

Block your buddies, ride the bumped car!

Eye the world from the top, err Roxas Blvd lang pala hehe

This ride looks bland with its whiteness compared to the other rides in Mall of Asia theme park at day time but the MOA Eye becomes the center of attention as night falls. The dazzling lights outlining the huge ferris wheel can be seen from Roxas Boulevard and nearby areas. Imagine this ride all lighted up and there is a firework display and Christmas songs can be heard !

 If you are looking for a romantic date, you might want to ride the MOA EYE at night.  It’ll be best if you will make arrangements that only you and your beau will be on a gondola. Don’t know how much will that cost you though.

p.s. I am not connected with MOA but it’s one of my fave malls.  When I was living in Laguna, I’m almost always there every weekend of November and December hahha. Yep despite the long way from the South and the terrible traffic in SLEX. What can I say but I love Christmas and MOA is one of the best places to enjoy free Christmas treats!

Do you feel like the choices in SM amusement park are limited for what you and your friends want? Do you want to go for more thrilling rides? Do you have more money to spend? Hehehe :mrgreen:  Do you prefer the real deal – theme park? Then Star City might be more to your liking, visit this famous Manila themepark this Christmas 2012! In Star City you can even experience snow in the Philippines in it’s Snow World area. Real cold though hehehe.

p.p.s I still like MOA haha mas tipid, wag na mag rides, manuod nalang. LOL.

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