Airphil Manila To Batanes Promo Fare Ticket Cost and Tourist Spots

When Airphil Express announced that they are going to be flying soon to the island of BATANES countless travelers and adventure seekers got excited and am definitely one of them. Who doesn’t want to go to Batanes right? =) This budget airline in the Philippines will begin serving their new route Manila to Basco, Batanes this May 1, 2013. Booking will start February 21, 2013. Exciting!!! Sana may promo deal!

Schedule of flight by Airphil Manila to Batanes route is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:04 AM. This flight will leave Mnl via NAIA Terminal 3 Domestic Terminal.  Estimated time of arrival in Basco airport is 6:50 AM. Total flight time is around 1 hour and 45 minutes only.

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Return flights of this new route of Airphil Express Batanes to Manila is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:40 AM and will land in Manila NAIA T3 at around 10:20 AM .

Batanes just got nearer! Thanks to Airphil Express!

Promo fare - Manila to Batanes

Airphil will soon launch their newest domestic route Manila – Batanes – Manila making our dreams to go to Batanes within reach. I am sure you are curious how much the total cost of ticket for Manila to Batanes, so once its available on site, I will do a trial booking on their official Airphil Express website so you and I will know the ticket prices from base fare to other charges like taxes, aviation fee, surcharges, web admin fee, fuel cost, NAIA terminal fee etc. I really am hoping that it will be cheap and affordable so more Filipinos can fly and discover the beauty of this northern PH island.

Wishlist: Sana in the future magkaroon ng piso fare deal ang Airphil for their Batanes flights.  :mrgreen:

I will update this post with the total round trip airfare cost for Manila – Batanes – Manila that Airphil Express will have as soon as booking is possible on their site. I will take a screencast so it can guide us all who wants to know the final price of tickets, this will hopefully also serve as a sample ticket.

UPDATE: There is no piso promo but there is “express deal” for their maiden flight but it still is affordable considering its Batanes hehehe.

Ticket Cost to BatanesTICKET COST Manila to Basco,Batanes to Manila 

Base Fare  P1,798 x 2 = P3,596

Airline Fuel Fee = P800

Travel Tax = P15

 Airport Tax = P200

Value Added Tax = P530

Booking Fee = P140

TOTAL COST OF TICKET Round Trip is P5,281.00

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Now, if you are bringing tons of baggage and wants to pay for additional prepaid baggage allowance, you can do so. After you confirm your travel dates, just click on “Continue” until you get to this page where you can choose to add check-in baggage allowance. Please note that the indicated amount is per way, therefore if you are getting additional baggage going to Batanes and then on your return flight to Manila multiply the amount by 2.  Add the resulting figure to get the total price of your tickets.

Airphil Prepaid Baggage Allowance Cost


Ticket Fare Manila to Batanes

How To Pay for your Airphil Tickets Booked Online

The easiest way to pay for the ticket you book online from Airphil is to pay via credit card but if you don’t have a credit card, don’t despair. You can still book tickets online and then just pay at any branch of 7 Eleven stores, M Lhuiller Pawnshop and selected Petron branches.  Check this page for the full details on how to do this and to see the other payment centers.

Top Tourist Spots of Batanes Group of Islands

I haven’t been to  Batanes yet but hopefully this will soon change now that there is a more affordable and more convenient way to get to these topmost islands of the Philippines thanks to Airphil Express! Batanes is a dream destination for me, of all the 7,107 islands that our country is blessed with, I consider Batanes the No. 1 island of dreams  that I am desirous to visit.  :mrgreen:

For years now I have been reading about top tourist spots of Batanes and the amazing experiences of travelers that have been there. I am really hoping that soon I too will be exploring its beautiful countryside, gentle slopping hills, wonderful shores, beautiful sites! Also, interacting with the Ivatans is another thing that I am really looking forward to – to know their way of life, their customs that are uniquely Ivatan, to know their sentiments now that their will be more visitors coming to their shores.

If you share my dream of getting to this northernmost province of the Philippines, and is hoping like me to book cheap ticket to Batanes via Airphil Express, be on alert when there are promo fares and if there is one, book your ticket as soon as possible. Tip: Have a good internet connection during these ticket express sale so you will not get frustrated that the site will load slowly.

These are just some of the popular destinations that you should not miss when in Batanes, if you know more sites please share it with us by leaving a comment below. Salamat daan!

Mt. Iraya– Mountaineers and hikers will love to trek to this active volcano in the Batan Island. This will take long hours of climbing though. I will just be content with looking at this volcano from a distance, am not so fit hehe.

Orchid Island – Batanes group of islands is the topmost islands of the Philippine archipelago. It’s so close to Taiwan that on a clear, bright day you will be able to see Taiwan from Orchid Island. Wow!

Di-atay Beach– Batanes does not only have mountains and rolling hills but white sand beaches too like Di-atay Beach which lies between Mahato and Ivana. It’ll be a delight to go there on a bicycle, if it’s not so far from the pension inn or hotel that you are staying, that is.

Tukon Chapel and Tukon Radar Station – There is something interesting about structures that sits on top of a hill like that of the Radar Tukon weather station. This is also one of the most visites sites in Batanes.

House of Dakay – If you are in Batanes you can’t possibly miss the oldest and perhaps that most popular Ivatan House in the island – the House of Dakay. This house has been photograph countless times and one of the iconic landmark / structure in Batanes.

Historical churches like the San Jose Church and the San Carlos Borromeo Church. 

Walking in the island will be a treat in itself!  :mrgreen:

So sorry that I don’t have the accompanying images to the popular spots in Batanes. As I’ve said I have not been there but should you go back to this post and see pictures of the famous destinations in Batanes, it only means I have set foot in the island of my dreams.

Please wish me luck! I also wish you the best! ^_^

Once promo fare is available and you are itching to book, please head righaway to Airphil Express website to also see the promo fare for their Manila to Batanes and Batanes to Manila route. Grab those cheap tickets as soon as possible before they run out. Remember hundred others are waiting for this promo deal for 2013 flights!

Airphil Express Promo Fare: Manila to Batanes and vice versa

From February 25 to February 28, 2013, Airphil will be having and intro promo fare for their Manila to Batanes route.

Airphil Promo Fare to Batanes

The Base Fare is only offered at 688 Pesos. Travel dates is from May 1, 2013 (Maiden Flight) up to August 31, 2013. The whole months of June and July are also included in this promo so better book your tickets now and see one of the most desired tourist destinations in the Philippines.

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