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2013 Long Weekends, Regular and Special Holidays DECLARED By Malacanang

The Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines have announced the Regular and Special Non Working Holidays for 2013. President Aquino signed Proclamation Number 459, Series of 2012 declaring  nationwide public holidays for the country on the dates listed below.

Knowing what are the 2013  regular holidays and special non working days in the Philippines is very important not only so that private and government employees will mark the dates where they get double pay (if they come work on a regular public holiday) but also for people like us who are watching for promo fare tickets.  Knowing ahead the long weekends of 2013 will make for better vacation planning and the chance to score those cheap promo tickets like piso fare for 2013 and all in promo fares from the different airlines serving domestic routes.

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This is the Official List of  Declared 2013 Regular and Special Holidays for the Philippines  Those with no exact dates like the Islamic Holidays Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha will be announced later on.

Declaration by Malacanang Regular and Special Holidays for 2013 


A. 2013 Philippine Regular Holidays

New Year’s Day (Tuesday)  – January 1

Maundy Thursday (Thursday) – March 28

Good Friday (Friday) – March 29

Araw ng Kagitingan (Tuesday) – April 9

 Labor Day (Wednesday) – May 1

Independence Day (Wednesday) – June 12

Eid’l Fit’r r (Friday) – August 9

The Proclamation for the Eid’l Fitr Holiday August 9, 2013

August 9 2013 Holiday
National Heroes Day (Last Monday of August)  – August 26

Eidul Adha (Tuesday) – October 15

**The President has declared October 15, 2013 a regular holiday by virtue of Proclamation No. 658, s. 2013.

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Bonifacio Day (Saturday) – November 30

Christmas Day (Wednesday) – December 25

Rizal Day (Monday) – December 30



B. 2013 Philippine Special (Non-Working) Days

Black Saturday (Saturday) – March 30

Ninoy Aquino Day (Wednesday) – August 21

NEW: Barangay and SK Election (Monday) – October 28 (Proclamation No 656)

All Saints Day (Friday) – November 1


Additional special (non-working) days:
*All Soul’s Day (Saturday) – November 2
* Day Before Christmas (Tuesday) – December 24

Last Day of the Year (Tuesday) – December 31



C. 2013 Special Holiday (for all schools)*

 *Private and Government employees have work. 

EDSA Revolution Anniversary ( Monday) – February 25



These are the long weekends for 2013, perfect for traveling to the provinces or abroad. Please note that to be considered a long weekend there must be at least three straight days of no work including Sat and Sun. This list of long weekends may not be applicable to employees working in industries where the off days are not Saturday and Sunday. An example: the BPO or Business Outsourcing Industry and those in the service sectors.


1. 2012 Yearend – Dec 29, 30,31, Jan 1 2013 (Saturday to Tuesday) – **I counted this as long weekend  even though the dates fall on 2012 and 2013 :mrgreen:

2. Holy Week – March 28, 29, 30, 31 (Thursday to Sunday)

3. Eid’l Fit’r  falls on a Friday August 9 ( Friday to Sunday)

4. National Heroes Day Weekend – August 24,25, 26 (Saturday to Monday)

5. All Saint’s Day – November 1,2,3 (Friday to Sunday)

6. 2013 Yearend – December 28,29,30,31,Jan 1 2014 (Saturday to Wednesday = 5 days)

If you are asking how many long weekends in 2013, then based on the data above there’s only 5. Might become 6 long weekends in the Philippines for next year if the Islamic Holidays will fall on a Friday or Monday.

**List is already updated with the Regular Holiday for August 9, 2013 for Eid’l Fit’r.

Students will get an extra long weekend in the weekend approaching EDSA People Power Anniversary celebration. Their additional long weekend will cover February 23, 24, 25 from Saturday to Monday. For employees, sorry but the EDSA commemoration is work as usual.

Your province or city might also have special “local” holidays, this is declared and celebrated usually for the province or city Charter Day. Sometimes major festivals or fiestas get also declared as non working in the local level.  Get in touch with your LGUs for provincewide or citywide holidays.

Get to know the Philippines! Explore the islands from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. Visit the top tourist spots, go for off the beaten path travels and adventures or have a wonderful staycation. No matter how you choose to spend these Philippine holidays for 2013, hope it becomes absolutely awesome for you!

Looking for 2014 Holidays in the Philippines?

Click this picture below to go to the post. 

2014 Long Weekends and PH Holidays

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  1. Any idea if the long weekends that include Saturdays also mean no work for private employees who work on Saturdays? thanks

    • Cille Anne says:

      Hi Banter I am not so sure about that especially if you are in the service sector example: BPOs as these industries may have other rules about working on weekends despite regular holidays. It’s best to reach out to your human resource personnel to be 100% sure.

      What is guaranteed by our Labor Code though is if you work on a regular holiday that falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you will earn double pay for that day, if its a special holiday on a Saturday and you must come work, you earned additional 30% of that day’s rate.

      As long as you are required to work on a regular holiday regardless of what day it is, you earned double pay.

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